Lund Boats – A Great Choice For Fishing Enthusiasts

Whether you’re looking for a boat that can handle a big catch, or one that can be easily towed and stored in your garage, Lund boats are a great option for your boating needs. These boats are made with an aluminum construction, which means they’re lightweight and can handle a variety of fishing conditions. They also feature a built-in fish finder, so you can make sure you catch the most fish possible.


Known for their durable construction and quality, Lund boats have been around for decades. Originally manufactured in Minnesota, they are sold in boating resorts across the United States and are used in lakes and rivers.

In the late 1960s, the boating industry was in full swing. The popularity of aluminum runabouts was on the rise, and the Lund company was able to capitalize on this. In 1975, the company introduced its first flat-floor aluminum fishing boat.

The company also rolled out a number of new boating products, such as the K-16 Surf rider, which featured “Rhino-Tough” hull construction. In 1988, the company introduced its tournament-focused Pro-V model.

In 2004, the company was acquired by Brunswick Corporation. The company’s product line includes aluminum and fiberglass fishing boats, as well as pontoon boats and cuddles.

Its Impact XS model won in the 2018 competition. The company’s headquarters are in New York Mills, Minnesota, and it manufactures about two thousand boats a year. The company’s motto is “The World’s Finest Fishing Boats”.

The company uses the latest technological advances to make the best fishing boats. They produce 70 models, and they are available to the public.

Lund boats are still produced in Minnesota, where the company’s history goes back to 1948. Today, the company is owned by the Brunswick Corporation, a marine-products manufacturer. The company has over 40 open positions.

Aluminum construction

Whether you are looking for a fishing boat, hunting boat, or a camp boat, Lund boats are designed to meet your needs. These boats are known for their quality, reliability, and durability. They are guide tested and built to last, making them a favorite for many fishermen.

Lund boats are built with an integrated power stroke, which provides better stability and less spray. They also have a pronounced center keel for better tracking and precision maneuvering. Lund also provides a three-year bow-to-stern warranty. The boat features large live wells and plenty of storage space.

The Lund Pro-V Limited model comes with custom black consoles and rims. It also features a gunmetal two-tone paint finish. The boat also comes with a custom black windshield frame. It also comes standard with a clear coat paint, a custom black windshield frame, and a new Limited graphics package.

Lund boats also have an IPS hull, which provides a smoother, drier ride and more stability. They also feature a power strike flat spot, which feeds freshwater to the prop for greater fuel efficiency. They also offer a 15HP Mercury Pro-Kicker to boost the main Mercury 400HP motor.

Lund boats are built for both big and small water, and they can handle a wide range of fishing conditions. They have a long list of features, including an adjustable captain’s chair, a reverse chime design, a cockpit that has a manual live well, an AC power adapter for the Fishfinder and an anchor set up.

Lund boats also feature a SportTrak Rail system that allows users to snap accessories into place. The system also helps anglers customize their boat for fishing.

Multi-species appeal

Putting a Lund aluminum fishing boat on your dock can be a lot of fun. Whether you’re chasing the next big catch or cruising the backwaters of your local river, Lund has a fishing boat for you.

Lund also produces a small but mighty line of fiberglass fishing boats, albeit in smaller numbers than their aluminum counterparts. The company’s most popular model is the aptly named Pro-V. It’s got everything a seasoned angler could ask for, including a plethora of fishing accessories and a decently sized storage area for a few dozen rods. Among its most prized possessions is a lifetime warranty on the standard model.

One of the more interesting aspects of the company’s product line is the fact that it assembles three distinct hull types. This explains why you will not only find an aluminum boat on a pond near you, you will also be able to find a fiberglass one on the same lake. Considering that fact, it’s little wonder that Lund remains the largest aluminum fishing boat manufacturer in the country.

The company’s newest entrant is the aptly named Pro-Via. As with the other models in the line up, it’s also got everything a seasoned angler could hope for, including a lifetime warranty on the standard model. It’s also a family-oriented fishing boat, albeit one that’s suited to the needs of two or more anglers. The company’s offerings extend from the North Woods to Greenland. There’s a reason that Lund aluminum boats are so popular: quality and value.


Whether you are looking for a fishing boat or a family-friendly watersports rig, Lund has the right model for you. These boats are built with quality and durability in mind. They offer a three-year bow-to-stern warranty as well as lifetime warranties on riveted seams and the transom.

Unlike fiberglass or marine plywood, Lund’s High-Density Performance composite transoms are much stronger and stiffer. They are also rot proof. This helps them hold up longer and offer a lifetime warranty.

Lund’s signature IPS hull delivers superior stability and speed, which help you plan and fish faster. It also provides a smoother, drier ride. The extra lift and side-to-side stability help you cut through waves more effectively.

Lund also offers a wide variety of models that are both affordable and fun to use. These models feature features like high-performance IPS hulls, fishing consoles, and live wells. Lund’s boats have been built with precision engineering and riveted construction to provide unmatched control.

Lund’s Pro-V model is a great choice for fishermen looking for a boat that can hold a large number of passengers and their gear. This boat offers a large glove box, ample storage areas, and storage compartments that lock. It also has a SportTrak Rail system, which allows you to easily attach and remove accessories.

Lund’s Renegade is another bass boat designed for fishermen and their families.

The Lund Fury has also been redesigned for the 2023 fishing season. It is available in 14- or 16-foot lengths. It also comes in a tiller-console configuration.

Fish finder

Having a fish finder is an important accessory to have on your fishing boat. They can help you find fish and save you a lot of time. They also give you a visual representation of the underwater environment, so you know where to fish.

Fish finders come in all shapes and sizes. Some are small and portable, while others are large and bulky. You also need to consider where you are going to mount the fish finder.

A transom mount is typically the most convenient for smaller boats. It is also more secure. It can also be placed inside the hull. You can also place a transducer near the trolling motor.

If you’re going to be removing the fish finder often, you may want to consider a pedestal mount. It adds height to the fish finder and can also be easily removed. However, it can get in the way of other things on your boat.

Fish finders have become more sophisticated over the years. They can come in multiple sizes, and some have a built-in floatation device. They can even be castable. Some of them also have GPS capabilities. They can even be combination products with a chartplotter. The best ones are capable of displaying multiple functions, so you’ll have the best chance of catching the fish you’re after.

If you’re looking for a fish finder that offers a lot of features and capabilities, you may want to consider a fully networked system. Choosing the right one can be tricky. You’ll need to consider your type of fishing, the type of fish you’re catching, and your mounting location.

If you’re fishing in shallow water, you might want to consider a lower frequency. These frequencies are good for maximum depths of 60 meters, but don’t penetrate as deep as the higher frequencies.

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