Swampfox Optics Review

Swampfox Optics: Swamp fox Optics, also known as Fox optics, produces a wide variety of tactical scopes and weapon optics. Their sights are engineered for superior performance and premium durability. Whether you’re looking for a tactical, duty-grade reflex dot sight for self-defense or a waterproof, glare-free EDC sight, Swamp fox is the brand to trust.


The Swampfox Liberator is a compact rifle scope that has a compact design and is capable of achieving a high level of performance. The riflescope weighs just one ounce and features a Picatinny mount. It is not RMR-compatible but can still be mounted on an RMR cutout. The scope comes with the usual items, including a rubberized sheath. It also features a dot that is crisp and clear and can be adjusted in three MOA increments.

The Swampfox Liberator II has an extended battery life and is compatible with night-vision gear. The device also features Swampfox’s exclusive Shake ‘N Wake technology, which prolongs the life of batteries. The optic is also compatible with 3x magnifiers and comes with two different mounting options. One is a low-profile mount for rifles with a drop-stock, while the other allows absolute co-witness with an AR-15 iron sight.

The Liberator II is an upgraded version of the original Liberator, and offers some of the same great features and benefits, but with improved battery life and new emitters. It also features Swampfox’s proprietary “Shake ‘N Wake” auto on/off technology. It also maintains its precision zero over time and is waterproof. It is also compact, light, and rugged.

While the Liberator does not have great red-dot performance, it is not a bad red-dot for recreational use. It has excellent brightness levels and can withstand recreational use without battery issues. The 4-hour shut-off feature is a nice perk, but a shake-wake system would be a much better option.

King slayer

The Swampfox optics Kingslayer is a versatile product that offers a variety of different performance and features. However, before purchasing one, you should know that different brands have different prices and different features. Moreover, you should also consider the reputation of the company that is selling the product. A good company will have a good reputation in the market and will offer good customer service.

Swampfox Optics has built a line of tactical optics with the goal of making us a better warrior. This is accomplished by creating high-quality tactical optics. Their products are known for their durability and are available at competitive prices. Moreover, the Swampfox Kingslayer weighs only one ounce. Its features include a presumptive battery life of 1,500 hours, an automatic shut-off after four hours, and ten levels of brightness. It is powered by a single CR1632 battery. This gun optic is lightweight, with a simple design, and has no complicated controls or dials. It also has a simple brightness control and elevation and windage adjustment.

Battery life

If you’re in the market for a tactical scope, the Swampfox Justice is a good choice. This open reflex sight is made of rugged 7075 aluminum and is packed with advanced features. It also has a long-lasting battery and a scratch-resistant hardcoat finish. The Justice is similar to the Liberty but has a larger window. It’s a great choice for competition pistols, duty rifles, and shotguns.

Swampfox optics are lightweight and feature a battery life of up┬áto 1,500 hours. They’re powered by a single CR1632 battery and have ten levels of brightness. They’re also compact and lightweight, weighing only one ounce and featuring simple brightness controls and elevation and windage adjustments.


Reliability of SwampFox optics is a top priority for the company, and it is backed by a 50,000-round guarantee. If you purchase a SwampFox optic and it fails within that time, the company will replace the optic free of charge. This guarantee is based on an honor system. Furthermore, SwampFox offers discounts to law enforcement, military, and veterans. While the company admits to being slow in growth, it is doing so with a focus on quality control.

Swampfox has made a name for itself in the optics market over the past few years, and the company continues to improve its lineup. Swampfox has introduced the Liberty green dot, an open reflex mini-sized dot sight, which is a welcome improvement over the mini-red dot sight that was available from the company in the past. This new model features a sleeker design and more advanced features, including a battery-life-improved battery, and a scratch-resistant hardcoat finish. The Liberty is available in an enlarged 1x27mm window size, while the Liberty Justice is available in a smaller 1x27mm window size.

Swampfox is a company with a history dating back to well before the American Revolution. The company’s founder, Christopher Cox, spent 20 years in Asia, where he gained experience in optics manufacturing and supply chain management. Cox speaks fluent Chinese and leverages his experience to ensure the highest quality glass. The company claims to offer the same quality glass as other major players in the industry, but at much lower prices.


SwampFox optics are designed and tested for battle. These optics are backed by a 50,000-round guarantee. SwampFox optics also offer discounts for law enforcement, military, and veteran personnel. Price may be a concern for some people, but SwampFox opts to emphasize quality control over quantity.

Swampfox is a relatively new company. Its founder Christopher Cox has a background in manufacturing and supply chain management. He also speaks fluent Chinese. His experience in Asian manufacturing gives Swampfox an edge over other manufacturers. They claim to have lower prices than most of the major optics companies.

The Swampfox Liberty is priced at just over $300, making it a mid-range red dot that targets budget-conscious shooters. Its design follows the RMR footprint, which is the most popular slide cut pattern for handguns. For this reason, Swampfox was wise to design its red dot under the RMR footprint. These sights also use flat blade screwdrivers to turn the turrets.

In addition to their high-quality hunting and duty-grade optics, Swampfox also produces high-performance tactical scopes. Swampfox’s Arrowhead low-power rifle scope improves precision at a distance while allowing for quick acquisition of targets in close quarters. Swampfox also makes tactical scopes with higher magnification powers. The Blade 1×25 prism sight, for instance, compensates for bullet rise during close-quarters situations and has a warranty of 50,000 rounds.

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