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Cushion Lab offers a 30-day easy return policy. The policy is valid for any product in its original, unused, undamaged condition. In case of a defect, the company will exchange it for another one or offer a full refund. To initiate a return, customers must email the company within 24 hours of receiving the product.

Ergonomic Contour Memory Foam Pillow

Designed by in-house economists, the Neck Relief Ergonomic Cervical Pillow gently cradles your head and neck while releasing pressure. This 7.5-inch pillow enables you to achieve optimum spinal alignment for the night. Ideal for side, back, or hybrid sleepers, this pillow provides support to the cervical region.

Ergonomic contour memory foam cradles the head and neck for optimal support and relieves pressure points. This pillow is made with Hyperfoam(tm) memory foam, which is infused with cooling particles and gives the pillow its soft feel. The ergonomic contour pillow is suitable for side and back sleepers and comes with a removable organic cotton cover.

Ergonomic contour memory foam pillows are made with premium quality, American-made foam. Their softness, superior pressure point relief, and superior weight distribution contribute to increased comfort while sleeping. Its open-cell non-molded foam design and breathable properties allow air to circulate throughout the pillow.

Another important consideration is temperature sensitivity. Many memory foam pillows, especially the ones with a higher density or lower compression, become harder when it gets cold. While this effect is beneficial, some memory foam pillows may break under pressure in cold conditions. A contour pillow will retain its firmness when cold and remain soft when warm.

If the cushion doesn’t fit your preferences, you can return it for a refund or exchange it. Cushion Lab will notify you by email when it receives your return. The return process usually takes three to five business days. Cushion Lab’s website also provides tracking numbers to keep track of the product.

Cushion Lab’s ergonomic contour memory foam pillow is a great choice for back and side sleepers. It provides neck and head support to eliminate pressure points and improve overall alignment.

Cushion Lab’s ergonomically designed products weave ergonomic support and human-centered contours into an award-winning portfolio of products.

Adjustable Shredded Memory Foam Pillow

Adjustable memory foam pillows are an ideal way to make your bed a more comfortable place to sleep. Cushion Lab offers an exchange policy for unused products. Just contact the company by phone or email and include your order number and full name. They will email you a return label to attach to your package. Once the return is received, the customer is responsible for shipping costs.

The Adjustable Shredded Memory Foam Pillow from Cushion Lab is available at a discounted price of $52 (down from $62). Cushion Lab’s top-selling pillows are made with cushion lab hyperfocal to support the head and neck. They are machine washable and cool to the touch.

Cushion Lab has a selection of pillows for every sleeper. Their products are ergonomically designed for optimal comfort. They help correct ongoing problems and improve posture. Besides being affordable, Cushion Lab products have been well-received by customers. The Adjustable Shredded Memory Foam Pillow from Cushion Lab can help you find a better night’s sleep.

Another great feature of this pillow is its breathability. While memory foam is known for trapping body heat, it isn’t enough for people who are extra hot. The good news is that many brands now use special cooling gel pads in their products. These cooling gel pads are typically placed directly under the fabric of the pillow cover. They act as a buffer between the memory foam and the user, and many of them are removable.

Ergonomic Travel Neck Pillow

Designed by an in-house economist and frequent travel experts, the Cushion Lab ergonomic travel neck pillow has been named the best travel pillow of 2019.

It’s also inexpensive, with free shipping within the contiguous U.S. and a 30-day refund policy.

The Cushion Lab ergonomic travel neck pillow comes in a medium-firm design that mimics a neck brace. It also has an adjustable strap so you can adjust the firmness level. It’s made of high-density foam and memory foam and promises to reduce neck strain while traveling. It also folds into a compact safety travel pouch. The pillow costs $49.

The Cushion Lab ergonomic travel neck pillow is an excellent travel pillow for travelers. It provides support for your neck, head, and lumbar region. The ergonomic design of the cushion also ensures you’ll sleep more comfortably. The pillow is also affordable, and the company has a great reputation for its quality.

While many travel neck pillows are rectangular, they will not support your head while you sleep upright. It is lightweight and easy to pack for a trip. These pillows are available in two sizes, ranging from $64 to $72.

Ergonomic Cervical Pillow

It has a firmness level of 7.5 and is ideal for back, side, or hybrid sleepers. This CertiPUR-US certified memory foam pillow has a gel infusion to help dissipate heat while you sleep. It also has a perforated design to help keep your head cool.

The neck-supporting design of the Core Products Ergonomic Cervical Pillow helps to cradle the head and neck, providing a firm support while you sleep. The pillow is made of medium-firm memory foam, which is great for side or back sleepers. The pillow also has a removable organic cotton cover.

The Coco-tree pillow is uniquely shaped to align the cervical spine and neck. It may cause some initial discomfort, so make sure to try it out for at least a week before deciding whether or not it is right for you. The pillow arrives compressed, so it’s best to press it to draw in air before you use it.

This pillow is a great option for those who suffer from cervical pain. It helps relieve pressure on the neck and is also moisture resistant. It costs $65 and provides great support for your neck and head. It’s worth the money if you want to get a comfortable night’s rest.

The Cushion Lab Ergonomic Cervical Pillow has a medium-firm feel and contouring Hype foam memory foam. While it’s not the best sleep pillow for everyone, it’s a great investment for your health. The price is reasonable, and the reviews are positive.

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