Touchstone Medical Imaging

Touchstone Medical Imaging is one of the nation’s largest providers of diagnostic imaging. Touchstone’s facilities offer a range of services, including arthrograms, PET/CT, and 3D mammography. The company also works with the region’s top radiologists to provide patients with the best possible care.

Touchstone Medical Imaging is a nationwide leader in diagnostic imaging

Touchstone Medical Imaging, LLC is a leading provider of diagnostic imaging services throughout the United States. With headquarters in Franklin, Tennessee, and regional offices in Plano, Texas, the company provides patients with the highest quality imaging services in an outpatient setting. Each Touchstone facility is equipped with state-of-the-art imaging equipment and employs the best radiologists in the community. In addition, the company provides superior customer service.

The company’s failure to properly protect patient health information was discovered when the FBI and the Office for Civil Rights (OCR) alerted Touchstone about the breach. During the breach, Touchstone’s FTP servers were unsecured, allowing unauthorized access to protected health information. This data was indexed by search engines and remained visible on the web even after the server was taken offline. While Touchstone initially claimed that no protected health information was compromised, it later admitted that the breach exposed more than 300,000 patients’ health information.

It works with leading radiologists in each region

Touchstone Imaging works with the top radiologists in each region to deliver high-quality care. These radiologists have the extra training and experience required to properly read and interpret imaging tests. They will always provide the referring physician with the most accurate results possible. They also provide personal service and integrity to each patient.

Touchstone Imaging offers superior diagnostic imaging services to people in Houston, Pearland, Tomball, Fort Bend, and Sugar Land. The company has several locations throughout Texas and offers NeuroQuant(r) brain MRIs. Dedicated to patient safety, each Touchstone Imaging technologists has undergone extensive training and is highly skilled.

Touchstone Medical Imaging has an excellent reputation for delivering reliable and timely results. The outpatient centers specialize in imaging and invest in the latest technology to produce detailed images. Patients benefit from flexible scheduling options, insurance processing services, and quick turnaround of results. And because they are conveniently located, customers enjoy a convenient outpatient experience.

Touchstone Medical Imaging offers CT and MRI scans at affordable prices. They also work with the top radiologists in each region to deliver high-quality results without compromising patient care. A visit to a Touchstone Medical Imaging center is more convenient and affordable than an MRI at a hospital.

It offers PET/CT at Red Rocks

Touchstone Imaging is one of the largest providers of diagnostic imaging services in the United States. It offers PET/CT scans in the Golden and west Denver areas. PET/CT scans are an ideal way to identify cancer or other diseases early on. The procedure is painless and can help determine a person’s disease risk.

The technology used in PET scans involves injected positron radioactive tracers into the body. These tracers then move through the bloodstream and show how each organ functions. SPECT scans, on the other hand, use gamma radioactive tracers to create images of the body. The results of PET/CT scans are then used to determine the condition of a patient’s organs.

Touchstone Imaging PET/CT at Red Rocks is conveniently located in the Denver metro area and is open Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. The facility is dedicated to providing the highest quality outpatient imaging services. Patients can depend on the team at Touchstone Imaging for compassionate care and unbiased interpretations.

It offers a comfortable, service-oriented environment

Touchstone Imaging is a leading provider of diagnostic imaging services throughout the United States. With headquarters in Franklin, TN and regional offices in Plano, TX, Touchstone owns and operates imaging centers across the country. These centers offer a variety of diagnostic imaging services in a pleasant, comfortable environment. Services include breast imaging, arthrograms, myelograms, and more. In addition to providing top-notch imaging services, Touchstone’s staff is committed to personal service and integrity.

Touchstone Imaging is currently seeking a qualified Insurance Verification Agent to join our team. This position will verify patient insurance benefits and eligibility status, facilitate authorizations over the phone and online, collect accurate demographics, schedule appointments over the phone, scan electronic records, and perform other duties necessary to provide efficient services to patients.

It follows the ACR Appropriateness Criteria

As a member of the ACR, Touchstone Imaging follows the ACR ApproPRIATEĀ® Criteria for Radiation Therapy. These guidelines were established by an expert panel of radiologists, and help referring physicians and other health care providers choose the appropriate procedures for their patients. They also help ensure the highest quality care and most efficient use of radiology.

The ACR Appropriateness Criteria are clinical practice guidelines that are backed by scientific evidence. They are published by the American College of Radiology and have been in use for more than 20 years. Developed in a modified Delphi process, they are intended to guide radiologists and radiation oncologists on how to use medical imaging. They are accompanied by a narrative, evidence table, and literature search summary.

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