Diagnostic Services Available at Innovative Express Care

If you’re wondering what diagnostic services Innovative Express Care offers, you’ve come to the right place. This company offers saliva and PCR swab testing for a variety of infectious diseases, onsite labs, and x-rays. They also offer flu shots. If you’re worried about getting infected with the new COVID-19 virus, Innovative Express Care has you covered.

Innovative Express Care offers PCR swab testing, rapid COVID-19 testing, and saliva testing

PCR swab testing detects the presence of COVID-19 virus in saliva and nasal swabs. The test can be performed quickly and conveniently, taking less than 20 minutes. Typically, results are available within 24 hours. Patients on active COVID-19 precautions do not need to wear a mask during the test.

Innovative Express Care is located at 4115 Fairview Avenue in Downers Grove, Illinois. The facility offers COVID-19, PCR swab testing, saliva testing, and antibody testing. It is open Monday through Friday, from 8am to 4pm. The facility accepts most insurance plans and is eligible to accept uninsured patients under the federal CARES Act.

Children must be at least three years old for COVID-19 testing to be valid. They must be accompanied by an adult and complete a minor patient registration form. Parents of children three to 15 years old must be present at the time of testing. The parent may need to help collect the samples from the child.

COVID-19 testing is covered by many insurance plans. However, you will need to bring your insurance card to the testing site. Your health plan will likely cover the entire cost of COVID-like testing. A MinuteClinic visit is typically covered by your insurance and will save you up to 85% over the cost of an ER visit.

COVID-19 testing is a molecular test performed in a laboratory. This test is performed by a laboratory certified by the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments of 1988.

It offers onsite labs and x-rays

Innovative Express Care is committed to Chicago and helping the city to fight the COVID-19 virus pandemic. It has invested in personal protective equipment and supplies for its employees and aligned with labs for processing. When the disease first hit the city, Innovative Express Care was ready to test patients for the virus. They first erected an outdoor medical testing tent in a parking lot, then moved to a larger facility. To date, they have performed more than 70,000 COVID-19 virus swabs.

Innovative Express Care offers many walk-in clinic services, including x-rays and labs on site. It also provides care for common illnesses such as the flu and cold. It can also provide pre-employment and sports physicals. It can also treat common injuries and provide prescriptions.

It offers STD testing

If you’re worried that you may be infected with an STD, it’s important to know that urgent care clinics offer STD testing. These clinics often accept insurance plans and offer more affordable rates than primary care physicians and private practices. In addition to STD testing, many urgent care facilities offer information on how to stay healthy after being diagnosed with a sexually transmitted disease.

The clinics offer a variety of walk-in services, including lab work and x-ray. They also offer STD testing, flu shots, sports physicals, and treatment for common illnesses. Some even offer same-day appointments! Whether you’re a new or experienced partner, STD testing can be a valuable way to stay healthy and protect your future.

Testing for sexually transmitted diseases is safe, confidential, and private. Many clinics also offer financial assistance for those without insurance. New York has above-average rates for many STDs, and it’s important to be protected. Testing for chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis can help you avoid transmission of the disease. With more than 45,000 reported cases of these diseases each year, it’s important to stay informed and empowered so you can get the appropriate treatment.

It offers flu shots

Innovative express care is a convenient way for people to receive flu shots. The shots can be administered to anyone six months old or older. To get a flu shot, patients can schedule an appointment online. They need to choose an Express Care location, time, and date, and choose “Flu Vaccine” as the reason for their appointment. Flu shots are not available at Urgent Cares or other walk-in clinics.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend getting a flu shot in late September or early October. Flu shots can be administered during an appointment with a primary care physician. Innovative express care also offers pneumonia vaccines at select locations. Flu shots can be beneficial for your health, especially if you are at high risk for getting pneumonia.

Flu vaccination is the most effective way to protect yourself from the flu and prevent the spread of the disease. It also reduces the symptoms of the flu, even if you do contract the illness. You can also register your employees in advance for a flu clinic to ensure that they get their shots at the most convenient time.

It offers sports physicals

Innovative express care offers a variety of sports physicals. Although these exams are not as comprehensive as a normal physical, they can be helpful in preventing injuries and other problems that can occur during sport activities. The doctors at these facilities will perform a physical exam and talk with you about your health history, including any conditions you may have. They will also ask you about medications you may be taking and any family history.

While it’s not required for every sport, sports physicals are still important for the health and safety of young athletes. They are also known as pre-participation physical exams and assess your child’s physical condition before they begin to play. Many states require students to have these exams before they can compete in sports. During the physical, the doctor will check your child for past problems with physical activity, including fainting or chest pains.

Sports physicals are important for your child’s health and safety, so it’s essential to have them completed as early as possible. They can help you prevent injury and illness by discovering any potential health issues early. Understanding the purpose of these tests can help you prepare for your appointment, choose the best practitioner, and ensure that your child’s physical is in good shape for their sport.

Sports physicals typically last for about an hour. The first part of the exam involves taking your child’s vital signs, which determine whether they’re healthy enough to play sports. The provider will then determine if they have any restrictions or requirements before your child can play.

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