HGTV Dream Home 2022 Winner

Karey Wolstenholme of Overland Park, Kansas

Karey Wolstenholme, an Overland Park, Kansas resident, won the HGTV dream home 2022 giveaway. The winner was selected from among 142 million entries. Wolstenholme, who lives with her husband Rick in Overland Park, is a fan of HGTV and enjoys watching the shows and looking at the before and after pictures of the homes. In addition, she enjoys fashion and decorating.

The prize package includes a brand-new, 3,090-square-foot home, furnishings, a 2022 Jeep Grand Wagoneer, and $250,000 from Rocket Mortgage. Wolstenholme is an entrepreneur and owns a promotional products company. She entered the sweepstakes twice a day for two months to win the prize.

Usually, however, the winner does not live in the house for very long. It can be expensive to build and maintain a huge house and taxes can be hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Karey Wolstenholme, an Overland Park mother, won the HGTV Dream Home 2022. She has been submitting entries for the contest for 10 years. While many made fun of her for entering the HGTV Dream Home 2022 Winner contest, her persistence paid off. Karey’s new home is located in Warren, Vermont, in the Mad River Valley, a picturesque area known for its world-class ski resorts.

The HGTV Dream Home Giveaway has been an annual tradition for 25 years. One lucky winner is awarded a brand-new house, a new car, and a cash prize. The winner receives a total prize package valued at more than $2 million. The prize includes the house, a brand-new car, and all of the furnishings in the home.

Emily Muniz of San Diego won 2018’s Dream Home

A savvy HGTV ambush crew managed to surprise San Diego homeowner Emily Muniz by calling her parents one day and asking her about her family’s morning routine. When Muniz returned home from work, she had just picked up groceries and stepped into her living room to find the crew. She joked about having a gallon of milk in one hand but said she didn’t think she stood a chance of winning.

Muniz, who works as an executive producer for a San Diego morning television show, is a big fan of HGTV shows. Her winning design, the terrace guest bedroom, is particularly striking because it combines pink and blue colors in a way that strikes the perfect balance between feminine and masculine. In addition to having a view of water, the home’s design also gives Emily and her family a unique sense of space. The home featured three elegant porches and a light and airy interior.

Many HGTV Dream Home winners opt to accept a cash prize in lieu of keeping their home. While the cash prize may be tempting, the winner’s tax bill is likely to be substantial. The grand prize of $700,000 carries a $500,000 federal income tax bill.

While the grand prize of the HGTV Dream Home sweepstakes is $1.8 million, Muniz opted to take a cash prize instead. In addition to the prize money, Muniz is receiving a new Honda Accord and $250,000 from national mortgage lender Quicken Loans. The home is located in Gig Harbor, Washington, a charming coastal HGTV Dream Home 2022 Winner town that boasts a maritime lifestyle.

HGTV’s Dream Home Giveaway has been running for over 25 years, and the prize is a brand new home in a prestigious neighborhood in the United States. This year’s winner, Emily Muniz of San Diego, bought the home for $2.8 million and plans to move in with her family.

The home is on an island that stretches 12 miles in length. It also includes an outdoor kitchen and grilling station.

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