The Tesla Interior Revealed

The Tesla Model 3 interior has some interesting features. First off, there’s a 15-inch touch screen, and a huge cargo space, which can be used as a second row or third row. The car also has no instrument binnacle or central control stack. The Model 3 is a surprisingly roomy car, but it’s not as spacious as the Model S or X.

The Model 3 has 23 cubic feet of cargo space

The Model 3 is one of the newest electric vehicles to hit the market, and it comes with a lot of cargo space. It has a trunk that extends to the front, as well as a traditional rear cargo area. Cargo space is a major concern for Tesla Interior electric car owners. But Tesla is working to improve cargo space in its vehicles. Despite the lack of front-engine space, the Model 3 has about 23 cubic feet of cargo space, enough for the owner to carry five suitcases or two medium-sized backpacks.

Aside from cargo space, the Model 3 also has seating for five passengers, which means you can bring along some extra luggage. It has ample legroom in the rear, and it has power-adjustable front seats. It also features heated front and rear seats and a heated steering wheel.

The Model 3 has no instrument binnacle

The Model 3’s dashboard does not have a traditional instrument binnacle or central control stack, but it does have a touchscreen that serves as a central infotainment device. While no instrument binnacle or control stack is a significant loss, the absence of an instrument binnacle will make the dash look cleaner and easier to install. Several people have speculated that Tesla would replace the instrument cluster with a heads-up display, but this hasn’t yet been confirmed. The Model 3 was designed to be mass-produced, so procedural simplicity was paramount.

In addition to the missing instrument binnacle, the Model 3 will not have a heads-up display or a conventional speedometer. That said, it will be equipped with a single center display that Tesla Interior resembles a massive iPad. This display will give drivers information about energy use, road speed, and climate control settings.

The Model 3 has no steering wheel

While the steering wheel is a traditional function of a car, the Model 3 is an exception. Tesla’s CEO, Elon Musk, has stated that the company plans to remove the steering wheel from its Model 3 fleet of Robotics. Instead of bolting it into place, Tesla will cap the dash cutout where the steering column normally sits. It also plans to offer retrofits to owners. This steering-wheel-free design was first speculated to be able to fit into Tesla’s interior design.

The Model 3 is not the first Tesla vehicle to use no steering wheel. In fact, the Model S and Model Y use touch-sensitive gear buttons. These buttons are not located on the steering wheel, but on the instrument cluster. While this isn’t necessarily the most ergonomic solution, it is a step in the right direction for the Tesla brand.

A driverless car is a real possibility for the future of Tesla Interior transportation. Elon Musk has publicly hinted at this in recent years. In fact, he first showed off the idea at Tesla AI Day in 2019. While Tesla was supposed to begin production in 2021, it has not yet reached that goal.

A steering wheel is an essential part of a car’s cockpit, but some cars are built without steering wheels. The lack of a steering wheel makes it difficult to control your car while driving. But it’s important to understand that the absence of steering wheel can be beneficial to your safety. The lack of a steering wheel also improves your car’s braking capabilities.

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