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Guns International: If you are looking to buy a firearm, there are many options to choose from. From Sig Sauer to Heckler and Koch, Berea to Steger Cougar, there are plenty of options available. However, it is important to choose a reliable and reputable online firearms retailer. You should look for one that stands by its guarantees, and that offers a good deal for the price.

Sig Sauer

Sig Sauer has seen a 500 percent increase in exports in the last five years. According to the latest export statistics, New Hampshire-based firearms companies shipped $83 million worth of small arms around the world last year. Among the top destinations were Thailand and the United Arab Emirates. However, critics say that the company needs to take greater steps to restrict the sale of its products overseas.

Today, Sig Sauer makes a variety of pistols, rifles, and accessories. The company’s website also details its history, starting with the development of the M17/18 handgun for the US Army.

The company also produces assault rifles and suppressors. The company has a $4.5 billion contract with the U.S. Army and has a wide range of products for law enforcement and military use.

The company has a rich history dating back to 1860, making it a world-class firearms manufacturer. Its design and manufacturing expertise allow the company to respond quickly to changing market conditions. SIG Sauer has a comprehensive product range and invests heavily in the r&d. This allows the company to stay on top of changing market demands and meet the needs of military, law enforcement, and commercial customers.

SIG SAUER has also expanded into the electro-optics market. It began in Oregon and grew quickly. Its facility expanded to 37,000 square feet in 2018 and employs 150 people in four-shift shifts. It also moved operations to Arkansas in 2017.

Sig Sauer is a good example of a quality airsoft gun company. Not only does it make decent guns, but it has excellent customer support.

Heckler and Koch

Heckler and Koch International are one of the largest manufacturers of guns and other military equipment. With roots in Germany, the company has been a dependable partner to law enforcement and security forces for more than 60 years. Their commitment to innovation and quality is evident in the range of products and services they offer. These include assault rifles, pistols, training systems, grenade launchers, and precision rifles. In addition to military equipment, Heckler, and Koch produces small arms for competition shooters and civilians around the world.

In addition, the company’s executives have repeatedly refused to answer questions from anti-weapons activists and single shareholders.

Founded in the post-war period, Heckler and Koch are a German manufacturer of military weapons. Three engineers established an engineering office in 1950 and commenced production Guns International in 1956 with the G3 assault rifle. This weapon became standard issue for the German armed forces. In the 1960s, the company also launched the HK54 machine pistol, which eventually became the world’s most popular submachine gun.

The training team at Heckler and Koch International employs an excellent instructor with extensive law enforcement experience. The company’s trainers have won the prestigious Trainer of the Year award. A veteran of the Denver Police Department SWAT team, Schneider served as a law enforcement trainer for 12 years. He eventually went on to become the Director of Training for the company. In addition, he worked for Sig Sauer Academy for eight years and helped develop the GSR 1911 Armorers and Transition Course.


Berea International is a company that is located in Alicante, Spain. Its stock symbol is BER. Its name is an acronym for ‘Bersa International Trader’. Its last annunciation was on 22 September 2016.

It engages in wholesale sales and is based in Alicante, Spain. Its CNAE and SIC code are Guns International both in Spain.

The company is also sponsoring Gaston Quindío Vallera, a three-time IPSC Argentine Champion and three-time Practical Shooting Pan-American Champion. In addition, Gaston will be competing with the Berea Thunder 9 XT pistol at the IPSC 2014 World Shoot, which will take place from October 13 to 19th.

The company’s mission is to provide a non-lethal solution to the growing need for effective self-defense. The demand for non-lethal personal security tools is growing around the world and is especially acute in South America. For example, in Argentina, the waiting period for a firearm can be more than six months. Byrna offers the user a non-lethal alternative with no limitations on purchasing or carrying.

These pistols are suitable for concealed carry, home defense, and target shooting. They also come in a variety of different calibers. This makes it possible for a shooter of any level to find the right pistol for his or her specific needs.

Steger Cougar

The Cougar pistol is a compact version of Beretta’s 92-service pistol, which uses a locked breech semi-automatic system and a rotating barrel locking system. This feature allows for a compact form factor, while providing ease of carry and concealability. The Cougar pistol is available in various calibers, including.45 ACP and.40 S&W. The pistol is available in double or single-stack magazines.

The standard model features a black polymer grip and a white dot sight, while the “Pak” version comes with wood grips.

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