The Denver Biscuit Company

The Denver Biscuit Company specializes in Southern comfort foods. In 2018, it was acquired by Cracker Barrel. It was previously known as the Maple Street Biscuit Company. Since then, it has expanded to multiple locations in Colorado. Check out their Artwork and Menu. You can also make a reservation online or call the restaurant to check availability.

Maple Street Biscuit Company was acquired by Cracker Barrel in 2018

The Maple Street Biscuit Company was recently acquired by Cracker Barrel Old Country Store, a chain of fast casual restaurants. The brand is known for its traditional comfort foods with a modern twist. The company specializes in fresh biscuits, sausage gravy, and house-made jams and jellies. The company was founded in 2012 by Scott Moore and Gus Evans and currently has 28 company-owned locations in the US.

The Maple Street Biscuit Company has been a fast-casual chain of restaurants that specialize in freshly-made biscuits. The company opened its first location in Jacksonville in 2012 and has steadily expanded in recent years. In 2018, it opened its first Tampa Bay location. Today, it operates 28 company-owned and five franchise locations. The deal also includes plans to expand into other concepts, including Punch Bowl Social and Holler & Dash Biscuit House.

The company has made significant changes to its business since the acquisition. The brand continues to be one of the strongest and most differentiated in the restaurant industry. The company has also expanded its menu to include more items. While the company is still focused on biscuits, it also offers hearty sandwiches with fried chicken breast and goat cheese. The sandwiches also feature a side of in-house-made pepper jelly.

Cracker Barrel took action to strengthen its balance sheet. As part of the restructuring plan, the Company acquired 64 Cracker Barrel stores through a sale and leaseback transaction with a financier. This allowed the Company to realize net proceeds of $146,357 after expenses.

Denver Biscuit Company is a Southern-style comfort food

The Denver Biscuit Company offers Southern-style comfort food in a fun and exciting setting. The breakfast and sandwich shop features the popular Biscuit & Breakfast sandwich. The restaurant also houses the Atomic Cowboy bar. You can relax with a drink at the bar or eat in the upscale restaurant’s spacious dining room.

The Denver Biscuit Company offers twelve varieties of biscuit sandwiches. Among the choices are chicken fried in buttermilk, cheddar cheese, a sausage patty, strawberry rhubarb jam, and Tillamook cheddar pimento cheese. The menu also includes a variety of side dishes, from savory to sweet.

While Denver Biscuit Company is known for its buttermilk-fried chicken sandwich and other classics, the restaurant offers a variety of sandwiches made from scratch. The Franklin sandwich, for example, features buttermilk-fried chicken, bacon, and cheddar cheese, all piled high between buttermilk biscuit buns. The Denver Biscuit Company was originally a food truck, but it quickly gained local attention and eventually opened a brick-and-mortar location in East Colfax Avenue. It has since expanded to six locations in Colorado and one in Kansas City.

The Denver Biscuit Company’s journey began with a food truck that sold 450 biscuits per day. Since then, it’s been selling biscuits and other Southern-style comfort food in a variety of settings. In fact, in 2013, the Denver Biscuit Company expanded to a new branch in Colorado Springs, a move that helps the business avoid being beaten by competitors. The restaurant offers a unique ambiance and the deliciousness of Southern-style comfort food in a compact and delicious format.

In addition to its delicious biscuits, the Denver Biscuit Company offers a wide variety of beverages. It serves locally grown coffee, and the staff is friendly and accommodating. The location is also clean and well-maintained. It is one of Denver’s top southern-style restaurants.


The Menu of Denver biscuit company is a popular Denver dining experience that offers a diverse selection of traditional biscuits and sandwiches. The biscuits are fluffy, with flaky layers, and serve as the base of half-foot-tall sandwiches. You can get your fill of Instagram-worthy dishes like the Dahlia, topped with sausage patty, and the Franklin, topped with chicken, bacon, and coleslaw. Or try the Denver Biscuit Company’s popular cinnamon roll, which is as long as your hand.


The Denver Biscuit Company is a place to enjoy some classic biscuits and a great cup of coffee. They are located at 3237 E Colfax Ave in Denver, CO. You can park in the nearby ParkChirp parking lot. The restaurant features delicious, homemade biscuits and bottomless coffee. The brunch here has been featured on CNN and the Food Network. The atmosphere is warm and the staff is extremely helpful.

The Denver Biscuit Company is part of a three-way Denver food scene. The restaurant shares a location with Atomic Cowboy and Fat Sully’s Pizza. It’s a popular spot for breakfast and is expected to be packed all day long. Denver Biscuit Company has also been incorporated into a Denver-styled bar and restaurant called the Atomic Cowboy.

The Denver Biscuit Company was founded thirteen years ago by Drew Shader, who was running a bar in Denver. His business partners included Jonathan Larsen, owner of Atomic Cowboy bar. They wanted to introduce southern-style food to Denver. They began with an idea for a food truck that showcased their biscuits.

The Denver Biscuit Company has several locations throughout the Denver metro area. Its artwork is a combination of whimsical graphics and a modern aesthetic. The cafe’s menu features a classic selection of biscuits that are sure to satisfy any craving. Whether you prefer the traditional or the modern, the Denver Biscuit Company is a local favorite.


The Denver Biscuit Company was founded by Drew Shader thirteen years ago. At that time, the company was a small business operating out of a bar called Atomic Cowboy. Later, the business expanded to include Fat Sully’s walk-up window at 3237 East Colfax Avenue. Since then, the company has expanded to three locations, including a new one in Aurora’s Stanley Marketplace. The company also recently added Frozen Gold soft-serve ice cream.

The Denver Biscuit Company has locations in Denver, Colorado, and Kansas City, Missouri. The company offers a menu that features dishes made from scratch. The menu also includes a variety of Southern-inspired dishes. Its signature dishes include the Buttermilk Fried Chicken sandwich and the traditional biscuit and gravy. Although the Denver Biscuit Company started as a food truck, it quickly gained popularity and moved into a brick-and-mortar location. Currently, the company has six Denver locations and one in Kansas City.

The Denver Biscuit Company is part of a restaurant trio that also includes Fat Sully’s Pizza and Atomic Cowboy. Its Denver location is at 8271 South Quebec Street. The location was formerly a Steak and Shake location. The Denver Biscuit Company is open for lunch and dinner, with breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

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