Amped Airsoft

Amped Airsoft is a wholesale company that sells a variety of sporting and safety products. These items range from replica products and safety equipment to parts, clothing, and accessories. This company is dedicated to creating an atmosphere of safety and fun for those who participate in airsoft games. It also provides a variety of training programs, as well as parts and accessories for all types of airsoft guns.


Airsoft revolvers are a great choice for anyone who wants a realistic replica of the real thing. Their metal and plastic construction make them incredibly realistic, and most revolvers have cylinders that swing out to reload. Some are single action, while others are double action. They are available in gas, CO2, and spring versions. However, spring models tend to be underpowered for gaming purposes.

Long inner barrels

Long inner barrels increase the range and accuracy. They should be about the same length as the outer barrel, with a longer inner barrel giving the best results. Longer inner barrels also improve air seal, which is crucial in dusty areas. High precision is from Evike, Matrix, Angel Custom, WE, and other manufacturers are compatible with long inner barrels. You should also be aware that a longer inner barrel can result in jamming.

The inner barrel of airsoft guns is made of stainless steel, brass, or aluminum. Some companies also provide a Teflon coating for added durability. The coating protects the barrel against damage, which can affect the accuracy of the shot. Generally, high-quality inner barrels with diameters of 6.01mm to 6.03mm are the best choice for most airsoft scenarios. However, if you don’t want to invest in a teflon-coated barrel, you should look for an alternative.

However, long inner barrels may compromise your accuracy, as they reduce the cushion of air inside the barrel. For long-range engagements, you should use a gun with a wider bore. Orga barrels and TK Twist barrels follow this principle, which allows for more airspace. However, you’ll lose some FPS. This type of barrel is commonly found on upgraded AEGs and Polar Star guns.

Long inner barrels are best suited for replicas with high range and power output. Longer barrels also help to guide the BB to the target more accurately. Moreover, longer barrels reduce hop spin, which is a major factor in inconsistency at long ranges.

When choosing long inner barrels for added airsoft guns, it is important to consider how they will affect your gun’s performance. These barrels will affect your gearbox’s capacity, as it won’t be able to supply the barrel with enough air. In addition, the added volume will increase the overall weight of the barrel.

Heavy BBs

Amped airport with heavy BBs has several advantages over light BBs. First of all, the heavier his will fly further. This is because they are denser and heavier than the light is. They also retain energy better. This means that they can go further before running out of energy.

Feel like a real gun

Amped Airsoft is a company that was founded in 2007. It is based in Pennsylvania, USA, and specializes in HPA-powered airsoft guns. They are known for their accurate recoil and realistic simulation. They also make custom parts for their HPA-powered airsoft guns.

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