K1 Speed Go-Karts

K1 Speed is a company based in California that operates go-kart tracks. It was founded by Susan Dangled and Boris Said in 2003. Boris is a racing driver and Susan worked in the fashion industry. The two decided to create a company together and opened the first track outside San Diego.

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K1 Speed is an online game that offers you a chance to race with other users around the world. The game features electric go-karts that are environmentally friendly. In addition, has large indoor entertainment centers that feature authentic racing memorabilia, pit cafes, meeting rooms, and pool tables. All of the game’s features are included with a membership. Besides, you can access your score online and get monthly emails containing exclusive offers.

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To race a K1 Speed car, you must be a member of the organization. You can become a member here. Once you buy a membership, it lasts for a year. This membership will remain valid until March of the following year. You can then renew it online to use it for another year.

Before you can drive a car, you should be fully trained and familiar with safety procedures. You should always obey all flags and track rules. You should attend the briefing thoroughly and ask any questions you may have so that you do not get injured. The experience at will be safe if you follow the instructions.

K1 Speed cars are fun and thrilling to drive. The go-karts can reach a top speed of 45 kph and are designed for maximum safety. You can reach these speeds in as little as five seconds. There is nothing quite like the adrenaline rush of speed. You can enjoy the experience with your family or friends.

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K1 Speed San Diego is a great place to test your skills. The indoor go kart track features a track and electric motors. The experience is thrilling and safe. Whether you’re an experienced racer or a complete beginner, is a great place for a thrilling indoor karting experience.

k1 speed San Francisco

The facility offers indoor go kart tracks where you can race year-round. The climate in San Francisco is always unpredictable, but the indoor tracks allow you to race no matter what. The track is professionally designed and equipped with state-of-the-art safety barriers. It also has arcade games and onsite food and beverage services. The facility is perfect for date nights, family fun, corporate events, birthday parties, bachelorette parties, and team building.

Known for its indoor karting tracks, has several locations around the country. One of these is in San Francisco, and it is the only indoor track in the Bay Area. The facility is conveniently located near Golden Gate Bridge, Oyster Point, and Marina. You can also rent party rooms at the facility, and book private events at the track.

Visitors from across the bay area can enjoy the thrill of racing indoor go karts at San Francisco. The facility is open 24 hours a day, and the entrance fee is free. A pass to the facility includes 12 laps on the track, helmets, and head sock rentals. You can also choose to sign up for a membership, which includes unlimited racing. All karts are zero-emission vehicles, and the vehicles are equipped with advanced safety equipment. The indoor karts are capable of reaching speeds of 45 miles per hour.

K1 Speed San Francisco is an indoor go kart venue and features professionally designed race tracks. It also has a spacious lobby, meeting rooms, and a snack bar. It is a popular venue that offers fun for all ages, including kids is a great way to spend an afternoon with friends or family.

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