Coconuts on the Beach in Cocoa Beach, Florida

Coconuts on the Beach offers great food, drinks, and live entertainment in a one-stop location. Whether you’re on vacation with a group or just want to unwind with a drink or two, this restaurant offers a great view of the ocean and the beach and everything you need for a great night out.


If you’re looking for a fun, laid-back spot in Cocoa Beach, Florida, look no further than Coconuts on the Beach. The restaurant serves up good food, refreshing drinks, and live entertainment. With its oceanfront deck overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, Coconuts on the Beach is a perfect place to enjoy the warm Florida sun and cool breeze.

The restaurant’s menu features seafood, burgers, sandwiches, and wraps, and it is also family-friendly. Coconuts offers happy hour specials and outdoor seating when the weather allows. The restaurant is located at the end of Minutemen Causeway. You can also dine on a variety of seafood dishes, including jerk male and linguine, or scrumptious kebabs.

Located just steps from the beach Coconuts on the Beach serves a fantastic breakfast as well as an exceptional lunch and dinner menu. Located opposite the Sandpiper Beacon Beach Resort, Coconuts serves delicious food with a tropical flair. The relaxed atmosphere and laid-back beach vibe make Coconuts a great spot for couples seeking a romantic place to dine.


If you’re looking for a good restaurant, a great view, and live entertainment, Coconuts on the Beach is the place to go. This beachfront restaurant is ideal for business events, weddings, and family get-togethers. Guests enjoy great food, drinks, and live music while watching the waves roll in.

Coconuts on the beach is a beachfront Florida beach bar. The atmosphere is family-friendly and the beachfront party deck is great for enjoying the Florida summer. You can enjoy cocktails and live music, and dance the night away. This is a favorite among locals. It’s also a great place to catch the sunset over the Gulf of Mexico.

Coconuts on the beach is a popular destination for locals and visitors. It is located right on the beach, next to the Cocoa Beach Pier. The beachfront restaurant features a walk-up bar and a variety of unique food entrees. The beachfront location is a great place to enjoy the Florida sun and cool ocean breeze.

Coconuts on the beach serves both breakfast and lunch. The restaurant serves traditional and Eastern Shore favorites. Breakfast is served daily at the Beach House Restaurant, and you can dine al fresco at the Coconuts Beach Bar & Grill, which open daily at 11am. The restaurant is also an excellent venue for dinner.

Beach house restaurant

The Chill Beach House is a popular spot to dine during the day. You can enjoy bikini contests, live music, and people watching while chowing down on casual beach fare. This casual beach restaurant also hosts events for locals such as the Bikini Beach Party.

The beachfront restaurant serves seafood and classic American cuisine. The menu features crab sandwiches and shrimp salads, delicious rum, and refreshing lemonade. There are also live musicians playing every evening. The staff is well-trained and offers fast service and reasonable prices. If you have a group of friends or business associates who are interested in dining right on the beach, you should definitely consider a visit to Coconuts on the Beach House.

The Castle in the Sand Hotel has two restaurants, Coconuts Beach Bar & Grill, and Beach House Restaurant. Both serve traditional and unique Eastern Shore favorites. The Beach House Restaurant is open seven days a week and serves breakfast and lunch. The Coconuts Beach Bar & Grill is an outdoor venue that is perfect for a relaxed lunch or dinner.

The Beach House Restaurant offers a breakfast buffet as well as an a la carte menu. Breakfast favorites include the Eggs Benedict and the homemade malted Belgian waffle. You can also find omelets and banana-caramelcaramel French toast. Another popular breakfast sandwich is the cheesesteak hash and eggs.

Key lime martini

If you have ever wished sit at a beachside bar and enjoy a Key Lime Martini, then the coconuts on the beach are a great choice. Not only are they delicious but they’re also pretty to look at. And, since key limes aren’t that easy to find, you can buy a key lime at a grocery store or juice it yourself, if you’d like. If you’re not on the beach, you can even buy key lime juice online.

For a more tropical twist, you can mix your Key Lime Martini with key lime pie. This drink contains all of the flavorful ingredients found in the famous Florida dessert, including Graham cracker crust. This classic dessert is on the menu of almost every Florida restaurant.

While coconuts on the beach can be delicious on their own, these cocktails are especially enticing when mixed with a little sugar. Coconut rum, vanilla vodka, key lime juice, pineapple juice, and cream are all a delicious combination for a cocktail. Coconut rum is used for the base and the key lime is added for flavoring. The resulting cocktail is creamy, tart, and sweet, and it is the perfect summer drink.

If you’re visiting the island of Key Largo, you should consider visiting Skipper’s Dockside for a slice of key lime pie. If you can’t make it to Key Largo, you can still enjoy a Key Lime pie martini with Graham cracker crumbs on the rim. The Graham crackers will serve as the garnish on your glass, and the key lime pie will keep your guests happy while you sip the drink.


If you’re looking for some entertainment on your vacation, you may want to try Coconuts on the Beach. It’s an outdoor covered stage that hosts some of the best bands in Florida. You can listen to the music and dance the night away. This is a great option for families and the whole family will have a great time.

The bar serves up great food and drinks, and you can watch the live entertainment while enjoying the beach views. It’s the perfect spot to bring a group, or even a business group. With its unique mix of live music and entertainment, Coconuts on the Beach is a popular spot for entertainment and dining.

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