How to Register Your Child for Journey Kids

If you’re not familiar with Journey Kids, you can learn more about its mission and how to register your child. When you’re checking your child out, you’ll need to present this number to their teacher.

Mission of Journey Kids

This organization provides a safe, fun, and interactive environment for kids. At their Sunday morning meetings, Journey Kids offers Bible lessons that are interactive and practical. They also organize fun activities for kids and families. These activities include outings, family movies, and talent shows.

This curriculum combines Bible study and missions discipleship. It is a great resource for children’s church programs, discipleship classes, and Christian schools. The curriculum is flexible and offers in-depth missions studies for children.

Mission of Journey Kidd

The Mission of Journey Kidd is to help kids discover Jesus and become future world changers through interactive lessons, hands-on activities, and a fun atmosphere. Each Sunday, kids can participate in fun games and worship, watch great Bible stories, and participate in “You Got This!” Challenges.

The Journey Children’s ministry meets every Sunday at 9:30am. The lessons are interactive and help kids learn to apply God’s word in everyday life. The children also participate in quarterly events, such as roller-roller-skatingroller-skating outings, family movie nights, and a talent show in September. Those who participate in Mission Journey Kidz will learn about missionary heroes, how God can speak to people of every language, and how to be a part of God’s mission.

Mission of Journey Kidd to introduce kids to other adults who show Jesus through the way they lead and teach

One of the missions of Journey Kidz is to introduce children to other adults who model Jesus by the way they live and lead. They do this by sharing stories of Jesus, teaching Bible lessons, and praying with students. The students see other adults modeling Jesus’ love and compassion in their classrooms. This type of discipleship can be a very simple thing, such as calling a child by their name when they enter a room.

Children need adults who follow Christ, and this starts with parents. Oftentimes, children do not come from a Christian home, so they don’t receive much encouragement from their parents. The parents don’t spend a lot of time talking to their children about God or caring for their souls. As a result, children need more than a lesson on Jesus. It’s important for parents to lead by example and show their children the love and compassion of God.

Parachurch programs play a unique role in reaching out to children who don’t attend a church. During the week, kids attend a Bible-based club program. Because the Bible is more accessible to non-churchgoers, this type of program helps children develop their spiritual life.

Journey Kidd also has books for children that help kids grow in their knowledge of God and learn to live by the Christian faith. Chrono Bridge helps children clarify faith responses.

Kids who do not believe in Jesus often feel lonely. A good way to begin this conversation is by giving a tangible reminder of Jesus Christ, such as a holy medal or rosary. Then, invite the person to tell their story. Encourage them to share their story, and then invite them to come to church events or small group gatherings.

Check-in number for children at Journey Kidd

You will need this code when you come to pick up your child. When you are ready to pick up your child, you can present this security code to the section leader.

The check-in process is simple. Once your child is checked in, head to the southwest corner of the lobby and head down the stairs to the elevator.

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