Pukka Bridge Spam Archetype Guide

pukka bridge spam: The peak bridge spam is a relatively stable archetype with a strong ability to control the tempo and counter-push after a successful defense. Some of the best strategies for this archetype include applying pressure on the bridge with a battle ram or ghost, applying pressure behind the peak, or utilizing poison to take out defensive buildings and units. It is particularly useful against three musketeers and minion hordes. Double elixir is another effective tool, as it can be used to target and destroy defensive units.

Dark Prince

The Dark Prince is a powerful counter to Royal Ghost. He has a massive splash area, high hit points, and can absorb some damage from large units. Depending on your deck, he may be a good choice for support, bridge spam, or pushing. But keep in mind that while the Dark Prince is powerful, it’s not the best choice for every deck. There are other similar melee units that are better for certain situations.

A good tank troop, the Dark Prince is a good option if you don’t mind dealing area damage. This troop also has a decent 360 charge, which is great for Bridge Spam. And don’t forget that his damage output is also decent. As for DPS, his ability to deal decent damage to mini-tanks and his ability to threaten other cards in your deck make him an excellent choice.

Another good choice for a bridge spam deck is the Battle Ram. It can also stick to P.E.K.A. when trying to chase it, which makes it difficult for P.E.K.A. to attack. When using a battle ram, you can easily place a unit on the back corner of the bridge. The Battle Ram will be able to pull units into another lane, which makes it an even stronger option.

Pekka is a very powerful player and a bridge spam is an excellent strategy. If you can almost destroy your opponent, you’ll win the game. With this strategy, you can demolish 1 tower, zap a giant with a graveyard, or if you manage to destroy their bridge. During the double-elixir timer, Pekka becomes tougher.

Legendary Miner

Against hard counters, Pukka Bridge Spam is one of the best troops to use. It has a stun mechanic and can slow down enemy units. When sent to the bridge, it can easily deliver damage to the tower.

Pekka Bridge Spam is a polyvalent deck that does well in both offense and defense. It is one of the most balanced decks in Clash Royale and offers many options. In general, the deck consists of 8 cards. It may not follow a strict deck schema, but it is a solid choice for players who want to win as many battles as possible.

Night Witch

She’s versatile, strong, and can make a great combo with other powerful cards. Here are some ways pukka bridge spam to use her to your advantage. First, you can send her on your bridge, where she’ll fire arrows into the tower. Second, she has high health, so she’s a great tank. Finally, you can also use her to pressure your opponent.

Another Bridge Spam deck is the Battle Ram. This deck uses the charge/dash mechanic to deal with a huge amount of damage. When it’s charging, it can deal 492 damage to your opponents. In addition, Battle Ram Barbarians can wreck towers. Once charged, they can take down an entire tower for just four elixirs.

If you’re facing an Ice Golem, your best bet is to place the Battle Ram on the inner side of the bridge. You can also place the Ram in the far back corner. The Battle Ram can distract the Ice Golem from getting to the Princess Tower.

Battle Ram

Battle Ram is a very powerful unit in Dote 2. It is very powerful on defense and can help you take out P.E.K.A. with its splash unit and spells. It can also kite a melee troop.

As an added bonus, Battle Ram can also tank a lightening spell, allowing you to kite away units from towers. This is especially useful if you’re trying to counter the peak, ghost, or knight. You can either place him in front of the Royal Ghost or behind the Ghost. If you place it behind the Royal Ghost, you can also chip it and prevent the Counter-Push. Alternatively, you can use his Poison ability to damage the Tower or spam Spells on it.

Another great advantage of using Battle Ram in Dote 2 is that it is useful against the enemy pukka bridge spam if you have a lead. While it sacrifices your main counter push tool, it can be extremely useful against a solid defense deck. You can also use it in combination with Ghost/Bandit to deal massive damage.

To counter the Ice Golem, you can use the Giant Snowball and a Battle Ram to distract it. The Ice Golem will most likely be on the opposite side of the bridge, so you want to take advantage of this. You can also use the Giant Snowball to push the Ice Golem further, but this will require precise timing. If you’re unsure, you can also try using an anti-kite Battle Ram.

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