Norfolk Daily News

The Norfolk Daily News is a daily newspaper based in Norfolk, Nebraska. It has been around since 1877 and is owned by the Hose family. It covers local news, sports, obituaries, and community events. You can read the newspaper online or subscribe to the print version to get the latest information.

The Norfolk Daily News was founded in 1877

The Norfolk Daily News is a daily newspaper that has been published in Norfolk, Virginia since 1877. Its slogan is “The Voice of the Norfolk Daily News.” It was founded by Gene Hues, who also founded radio station WJAG in 1922. His son, Jerry Hues, later became the publisher and chief announcer of WJAG and the Daily News. He started two more radio stations in Norfolk in 1971 and in 2009, a second station called KQKX.

It is owned by the Hues family

The Norfolk Daily News is a community newspaper owned by the Huse family. The paper has been in business since 1888 and is funded primarily through advertising and subscriptions. It covers local news and syndicates national news. However, the news is not very extensive and headlines are short and lack a great deal of information. It also has no opinion section, although it may have one in print. Most of the Huse family’s donations are to Republican candidates.

The newspaper was founded in 1888 and was first owned by William Huse. His son, Jerry Huse, became the third publisher of the Norfolk Daily News in 1913. The newspaper reached its peak circulation of 23,000 during the late 1990s. The Huse family is proud of their longevity in the newspaper industry. Editor Kent Warneke, who joined the newspaper in 1992, says he is fortunate to be working with the Huse family and has a strong support system from the top down.

Jerry Huse attended Shattuck School, the oldest prep school west of the Mississippi. After graduating from college, he pursued a career in journalism. He is also a generous supporter of the NU journalism college. The Huses’ concern for the students of the journalism school at the University of Nebraska is admirable.

It is published every Saturday

The Norfolk Daily News is a locally-owned daily newspaper in Norfolk, Nebraska. Founded in 1887, the newspaper is one of the few still owned and operated by its founding family. The news is primarily focused on local news and features written by local journalists. However, it also carries national news, syndicated from the Associated Press. The content is usually lightweight and uncomplicated, and the newspaper does not publish an opinion section. Its owners are Republican and tend to donate heavily to Republican campaigns.

The daily news also publishes obituaries and death notices. Obituaries contain information about a deceased person, including the date of death, place of burial and funeral services. It also publishes a photo of the deceased. These are paid services. However, the daily news reserves the right to edit these obituaries and death notices.

It covers sports, obituaries, community events

The Norfolk Daily News is a local newspaper that covers a variety of topics including local news, obituaries, and community events. Founded in 1887, the Norfolk Daily News is one of the few family-owned newspapers in the state. Its current editor is Kent Warneke. The newspaper is owned by the Huse family, which has been around for more than 150 years. Its publisher, Jerry Huse, became publisher at the age of 29 in 1956 and remains the publisher today.

The Norfolk daily news covers sports, obits, obituaries, and community events. The newspaper also features local businesses and hosts websites for local businesses. Readers can also read the entire newspaper online through an e-Paper subscription. This is a good option for anyone who wants to stay on top of local news without paying a fee to receive it in the mail.

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