Easy Ways to Switch off Annoying Notifications on Your Mac

Switch off Annoying: Notifications have pros and cons that depend on the user to utilize accordingly. It is helpful if the user wants to keep themselves updated on every little thing and annoying for some users because of the notification sound that dings every time a message is received. A person’s focus can easily be interrupted by sounds and vibrations when a message is received due to pop-ups and the red dot on an app indicating unread messages. The advancement in technology has made it possible for every Mac user to manage notifications according to their convenience and comfort.

There are possibly three types of Mac notifications. Namely, an alert that stays on the top right corner of the screen until something is done about it, a banner that stays on the top right-hand corner for some time and disappears, and a red badge that helps indicate the number of notifications one has. Current reports have shown that an average working human receives more than 40 push notifications every day, and the sound and vibration of pop-ups can seemingly be distracting. In addition, according to the University of California, studies have shown that a person requires more than 20 minutes to get back to work after being interrupted. Below are a few easy and simple ways to switch off annoying notifications on Mac in no time.

  • Enable the Do Not Disturb feature

The Do Not Disturb feature helps turn off notifications temporarily as long as the user has scheduled the time. To enable the feature:

  1. Click on the Apple icon on the left side of the screen and select System Preference from the drop-down list.
  2. Hence, proceed further by clicking on the notification icon, which is located on the left-hand side of the screen.
  3. Look for the Do Not Disturb icon and click the same to enable it.

Another alternate method to enable this feature is to hold the option key on the keyboard and select the Do Not Disturb icon from the menu bar. Users can gain in-depth knowledge about this feature by visiting https://setapp.com/how-to/dnd-on-mac.

  • Disable App Notifications

With the installation of apps on Mac, the notification needs to be managed accordingly per the user’s need. For example, app notification allows users to inform about the recent app update and other technical glitches. However, this might be inappropriate because some app developers frequently send updates which is annoying for the user. To disable app notification click on System Preferences and look for the notification bar to open it. From here, start unchecking the boxes you need to disable notifications accordingly. Alternatively, on the app store, the notifications can be disabled too.

  • Disable Website Notification

Website notifications can be annoying as Mac allows pop-ups to display over the screen individually. Therefore, when the websites ask for permission to show notifications, one should always say no and click on the block option to avoid further notifications from the website. However, websites will ask the user to accept cookies every time they visit the page, so there are possible chances that one might mistakenly accept the cookies and allow the website to turn on their notification.

To turn off the notification, launch Safari, and from the menu, click on Preferences. Further, choose the website tab from the notification panel and deny permission to every unwanted website to avoid further notification.

  • Disable Banner Notification

The banner notification usually pop-ups on the top right corner of the screen, which slides away after some time of the vision. This notification issue might distract the attention of a person and hamper concentration to a great extent. Therefore, some Mac users are selective when it comes to disabling notifications. Instead of disabling notifications Switch off Annoying for every app, selectively disable banner notifications for apps. Click on the System Preferences menu and select the notification tab, and a list of applications that use notifications will appear. Next, select and disable the notification tab of the applications individually. 

  • Turn off Chrome Notifications

The spread of adware accelerates due to the popping up of notifications from suspicious websites directly over the Chrome browser. Adware spread can be curbed by heading towards the Chrome setting and then clicking on the advanced setting followed by the content setting. A list of websites will appear, and some will be suspicious, which can be removed then and there.

The desktop pop-ups and notifications on Mac can be very annoying, thanks to Apple, as it has made a user-friendly interface to control notifications accordingly. Moreover, less screen time would probably increase the capacity of the human brain to concentrate on anything more effectively. Therefore, the ways mentioned above can be helpful and allow a person to lead a better life with less interruption and distraction.

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