Living Life in Style

A lifestyle lounge provides a comfortable, private environment. There is a security system and you can be sure that your date will not be disturbed. It is a great place for a date night and a better option than a restaurant. Moreover, these lounges provide meals just like a restaurant and better service. Besides, these lounges help you live your life in style.


AMANI MAISHA’S LIFESTYLE LOUNGE is a co-shared workspace and a home away from home where guests can feel pampered and at ease. The brand lives by the motto “live life out loud” and “stay ready.” The space provides a range of services, including co-shared workspace, co-branded coffee, and an array of wellness treatments. The lounge is also available for personal use.

Armani MAISHA Stebbins is a businesswoman, life stylist, and entrepreneur. She has a degree in communications and a passion for fashion. She pursued her dream career in communications and was part of a television production company that aired a show on a Washington, DC cable station featuring the stories of local youth and inspiring women.

Man’s passion for enhancing the lives of her clients has led her to open the Lifestyle Lounge in Mitchellville, Maryland. Here, clients can receive an array of Personal Grooming Services, from haircuts to facials. The experience is one to remember, and every client is treated with care. AmAni MAISHA focuses on her clients’ needs and wants and caters to them with professionalism and excellence.

Lifestyle Lounge

The Lifestyle Lounge is a place where people can find and share knowledge and experiences. It started out as a classroom project but has evolved into a community project that connects people through the art of holistic health and wellness. While some may consider it mutated easy-listening music, others see it as the pop alternative to jazz.

Lifestyle Lounge provides yoga and mindfulness classes, as well as nutrition classes. The goal is to help clients learn to move more and breathe more, and to eat more mindfully. Owner Laura Cipullo believes that this approach is the only way to ensure a healthy life. The L’ifestyle Lounge is a natural extension of her health and wellness practices.

The lounges feature a relaxed atmosphere with calming music. The staff members greet you warmly and offer a variety of ways to relax. Other lifestyle activities include massage therapy, meditation, and life coaching. The L’ifestyle Lounge is a great place to escape the stresses of everyday life.

Maomao’s CLOSET

The Maomao’s CLOSET lifestyle lounge is a mix of fast fashion, eclectic pieces, and home d├ęcor. This online shopping experience is unique because of the diverse selection of items. The website features the unique pieces of Amani’s Closet to You, a self-proclaimed closet diva who’s made a name for herself in the fashion industry.

The name MooMoo came from a nickname given to AmAni by her grandmother, and today it has evolved into a lifestyle boutique with Fast Fashion, Unique, and Eclectic pieces, and a Tranquil Environment. AmAni has a passion for LifeStyling, and her focus is on Unique ways of living, Style, Personal Style, and Space.

Millbrae Lifestyle Lounge

The Millbrae Lifestyle Lounge has seated designed to encourage relaxing postures in a social setting. The design features a steel base that is horizontally angled and a plush-tufted fabric upholstery. This collection is available in two different styles, the Lifestyle and the Contract, and both options to complement any interior.

The Millbrae Lifestyle Lounge offers a large selection of stylish furniture pieces that cater to the needs of businesses and residences alike. The lifestyle lounge is also a great place to stay updated on the latest trends and lifestyle management tips. Whether you’re in a party or just want to stay in shape, the lifestyle lounge has just what you’re looking for.

Amani Maisha’s Lifestyle Company

AMANI MAISHA’S VISION is to create a space where you can feel at home away from home, and be pampered at the same time. The company lives by the sayings “Live life out loud” and “stay ready” and offers a full range of personal services to fit your schedule. In addition to massages, facials, and massages, you can also take advantage of their co-work space and lounge.

Amani MAISHA’S VISION was to create a place where people could feel relaxed and pampered while achieving their goals. She grew the company one client at a time by offering a variety of services. She began by targeting working professional women, and slowly expanded her services and clientele.

Amani Maisha is an entrepreneur and life stylist. She attended college and majored in fashion and communications. After completing her degree, she pursued a career in the media and broadcasting industry. She produced a cable show in Washington, DC where she featured inspiring local youth and their entrepreneurial stories.

Man has also recently launched a virtual lifestyle lounge, called MooMoos. The online store combines Fast Fashion, home decor, and miscellaneous items. It also sells exclusive pieces from Amani. Amani, a self-proclaimed closet diva, has made a name for herself in the fashion world in the last five years. Her products are sold online as well as in local retail stores through Vault71.

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