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little hen Miami: If you love pink and purple things, you will definitely love the rose-petal pancakes at Little Hen. These pink pancakes come with whip cream and taste like raspberry macros. You can also try the avocado eggs Benedict and avocado toast, which are among customers’ favorites. However, you must be prepared to wait a bit for your order. If you’re not a patient person, you might want to bring a friend to wait for you.

High tea

The classic English-style venue has two distinct dining experiences: traditional afternoon tea and breakfast. For breakfast, a traditional English brunch is served. For lunch, the venue serves traditional English afternoon tea. Throughout the day, the venue offers a full menu of British-style dishes. For brunch, you can choose from a variety of different breakfast items.

If you’re in the Miami area, be sure to try the Little Hen Miami. This new, English-themed cafe will serve breakfast and lunch seven days a week. The menu will include a variety of English classics as well as Mexican-inspired dishes. This will be the second location for this popular English chain.

The decor is beautiful and quaint. The interiors are elegant and dreamy, with English-inspired designs and an emphasis on quality ingredients and fresh food. The decor is comfortable yet chic, with homey accents and pastel colors. Little Hen Miami is a popular brunch spot for locals and tourists alike.

The interior design is both formal and homey, with gold accents, a crystal chandelier, and pink roses. You’ll also find fancy dishes and embroidered cushions. You can also choose a table outside in the courtyard or on the patio. The atmosphere is romantic, with comfortable seats, lavish cushions, and beach umbrellas.

The instagrammable rose-petal pancakes are a highlight of the menu. The pink pancakes are served with whip cream and are very similar to raspberry microns. You can also try the avocado egg Benedict. However, make sure to make reservations in advance, since this restaurant is often popular.


Breakfast at Little Hen Miami is an English-style restaurant where patrons can enjoy brunch, traditional afternoon tea, and an English-styled breakfast. The restaurant is located in a historic building on Miami’s Brickell Avenue. It is open daily for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The atmosphere is elegant and upscale, and the staff is friendly.

The restaurant is popular, so reservations are required. It is a great place for a girls-only brunch, but the prices are on the expensive side. The servers are excellent, but the host is a little passive aggressive. The food is great, though the omelet and chicken and waffle are overpriced, and the tea is average.

The decor of the Little Hen is both refined and homey, with gold accents and floral centerpieces. The menu includes many inventive cocktails. One popular option is the “rose cotton-candy cloud,” a cocktail served in a fluffy cotton candy cloud topped with rose petals. The ambiance is a cheerful mix of floral patterns and pastel colors. Guests can also sit on the outdoor patio, which features lavish casinos and beach umbrellas.

The Little Hen Miami location will open in late November. The restaurant will feature brunch, lunch, and afternoon tea. Customers can expect to find delicious dishes including rose petal pancakes, bourbon-battered French toast, chicken chilaquiles, and smoked salmon omelet. The restaurant is a great choice for brunch in the Miami area.

In addition to the usual breakfast fare, Little Hen is famous for its instagramable rose-petal pancakes. These are served with whip cream and taste like raspberry microns. Other options include avocado toast, Nutella pancakes, and avocado eggs Benedict. While there are some negative reviews online, they are mostly positive and welcoming.

The English-inspired design of Little Hen Miami evokes a feeling of comfort and commitment to quality ingredients. The decor is dreamy, with pastel colors and homey accents. The menu at Little Hen Miami features the classics and the best of breakfast and lunch.


In midtown Miami, a new brunch and cocktail boutique called The Little Hen are opening. The brunch menu features everything from rose petal pancakes to bourbon-battered French toast. The Little Hen will also serve lunch and afternoon tea. The casual setting and English-style menu will appeal to foodies seeking a casual yet luxurious brunch in the city.

The decor of the Little Hen Miami is opulent and inviting. The place boasts a vintage European farmhouse-style setting with blue velvet bucket chairs and floral centerpieces. You’ll also find embroidered cushions and a soft pastel color scheme. The Little Hen has both an indoor and outdoor patio.

Breakfast at The Little Hen isn’t just about drinks; it’s about comfort food. The restaurant offers eggs Benedict, bourbon-battered French toast, and caviar omelet. Other menu items include avocado toast, smoked salmon, and cream cheese. You’ll also find a selection of high-grade coffee, juice, wine, and champagne.

High tea is another popular option at The Little Hen. It’s served every Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday. The menu includes various types of tea, as well as prosecco, champagne, and sake. You’ll also find a vintage stand with miniature sandwiches. Reservations are necessary.

The Little Hen Miami also offers a full bar and extensive craft cocktail list. It features a menu of classic cocktails and innovative fusion creations. The cocktails include the Champagne Mojito, Pineapple Saketini, and Bluebe Mule. However, you should make reservations in advance to guarantee seating. The Little Hen is a very popular spot so make sure to book ahead of time.


Featuring both traditional and modern décor, Little Hen is a brunch place with a distinctly retro European feel. The décor is a mix of blue velvet bucket chairs, floral centerpieces, embroidered cushions, pastel colors, and hand-painted tableware. The venue offers indoor and outdoor seating, as well as a beautiful poolside terrace.

The décor is perfect for a brunch, bachelorette party, or an afternoon tea party in Miami. The romantic English-inspired decor communicates the restaurant’s commitment to fresh ingredients and quality. Wooden accents, sophisticated lighting, and homey touches add to the restaurant’s cozy homey ambiance.

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