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Mavis Discount Tire is an independent multibrand tire dealer in the United States. They offer a variety of services, including tire repairs, brake inspections, and oil changes. Additionally, they offer free brake inspections. They also replace exhaust systems on a daily basis to reduce noise and improve performance. Computerized wheel alignments are performed daily, helping to improve fuel economy, tire tread life, and overall vehicle performance. Proper wheel alignment also reduces suspension wear and tear.

Mavis Discount Tire is a leading independent multi-brand tire dealer

Mavis Discount Tire is one of the largest independent multi-brand tire retailers in the United States. Founded in 1949, Mavis operates over 1,200 retail locations in the Midwest, Southeast and Northeast. They sell over 20 different tire brands and provide a range of services for drivers, including exhaust work and oil changes. In recent years, the company has expanded through strategic acquisitions. Today, the company has more than 400 retail locations and employs over 3,000 people.

Mavis is a family-owned and operated independent multi-brand tire dealer that operates in 13 states. Their first store was 7000 square feet. The company has expanded to include seven thousand service centers and has many different products and services to meet a wide range of clientele. They generate a revenue of US$5.2 billion annually and employ over 25000 people. Mavis Discount Tire also provides oil changes, tires and brakes.

Mavis Discount Tire is a family business that has been saving people money on tires for more than 50 years. The company began as a small bicycle repair shop named Vic’s Cycle Shop in 1949. Victor Walsh quickly developed a reputation as a bicycle repair specialist and expanded into a larger business. His success allowed him to expand the business and create a reputation for value-oriented service in the neighborhood.

It offers a menu of services

Mavis Discount Tire is one of the largest independent multi-brand tire dealers in the country. In addition to selling and installing tires, the company also performs brake repairs and alignments. Additionally, they offer free brake inspections and tire rotations to help extend the life of the tread on your tires. Computerized wheel alignment is another service they offer. Proper wheel alignment can improve fuel efficiency, extend tire tread life, and reduce wear and tear on suspension components.

The Mavis Tire Center is located in a highly populated area near several leading retail stores. It’s convenient to five below, Verizon, and Michael’s, as well as Shop-rite. The Mavis Tire Center is managed by Barry Milberg, a former car wash. This location provides excellent visibility and is conveniently located near major retails. The business is near several chain restaurants, five-star hotels, and popular shopping malls.

It will merge with Express Oil Change & Tire Engineers

Mavis Discount Tire is merging with Express Oil Change & Tyre Engineers to create the largest independent automotive service platform in the US. The new company will combine over 830 locations, providing oil changes, tire service, and more. The companies will retain separate names and cultures, but the combined company will be much bigger. Golden Gate Capital, a San Francisco-based private equity firm, is the majority shareholder of Express.

The deal is a major step for both companies. Mavis currently operates under a variety of brands, including Epperly Tire, Upton Tire, Savannah Tire, and Trax. The Express Oil Change chain operates through 400 locations in 19 states. The combined company will have a combined workforce of over 4,800 employees and will operate under the Mavis name. The companies will merge under the same name, and Express Oil Change’s CEO Ricky Brooks will become executive chairman.

Mavis has been serving customers for 50 years and will continue to do so for another 50. Originally founded as Mavis Tire Supply Corporation, the company’s roots date to 1949. As a bicycle repair shop, Vic’s Cycle Shop quickly gained a reputation as the best bicycle repair shop in town. Eventually, the business became a better-equipped, more profitable business that spread its reputation of Value Oriented Service.

It started as a discount tire company in 1968

Discount Tire, founded in 1968, became one of the largest independent tire dealers in the country. It began as a small discount store and eventually branched out into other business sectors. The company’s success grew exponentially over the next few years. It has expanded to more than 130 stores across New York State and is also present in Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, and Connecticut. At its most basic level, Discount Tire provides tires, batteries, and other automotive products at a discounted price.

The company began in Ann Arbor, Michigan, where Halle rented a former plumbing supply store and sold six tires to customers. The company was able to grow and eventually expanded into Kalamazoo, Arizona, and Battle Creek. By the end of the 1970s, Discount Tire had opened 201 stores and $311 million in annual sales. In the early days, Halle and his employees worked as tire technicians, salespeople, and cleaners in addition to being the company’s accountant.

Halle didn’t have much money when he opened the first Discount Tire store. The company started with two new tires and four retreads that Halle had purchased from other auto parts dealers. Because he owed money from his previous business, Halle couldn’t buy his own tires, so he would stop by other dealers and steal bargains. Halle’s first store had only one air tank and could only fill one tire at a time, so he had to fill it at a gas station. Halle also began training employees on how to think like a winner.

It has paid $2.1 million to settle a class sex discrimination lawsuit

Mavis Discount Tire, Inc. has settled a class sex discrimination lawsuit after being found liable for failing to hire qualified female applicants for jobs in its 140 stores across four states. The lawsuit alleged that the company failed to maintain employment records and did not hire female employees in the field. The company did not maintain applications for positions, which was required by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

The settlement comes as the result of a lawsuit filed against the company by a female consumer. The company has agreed to pay $2.1 million to settle a class sex discrimination lawsuit. The money will be distributed among 48 plaintiffs. In addition to the settlement, the company has agreed to set hiring goals for female employees and overhaul its recruitment practices. It also mandates anti-discrimination training.

Mavis discount tire is required to pay the money to resolve the lawsuit. The lawsuit was filed by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). The EEOC found that the company had engaged in discriminatory practices and failed to provide adequate accommodations. The company is required to monitor their hiring practices for the next four years, and will have to implement a comprehensive recruitment and hiring process to hire qualified applicants.

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