The Green Solution

The Green Solution is a cannabis company that operates dispensaries throughout the state of Colorado. Its website features a comprehensive selection of cannabis products for sale, and the company also offers an online ordering system and offline delivery. You can even reserve a seat for a tasting room or other event to ensure you have the best possible cannabis experience. This company has plans to expand across the state. Read on to learn more about The Green Solution. We hope you enjoy reading this article.

The Green Solution is a cannabis company

Colorado marijuana law has opened the door for companies to publicly trade their cannabis products. The Green Solution is one such company. Founded in 2014, this Colorado-based company has grown from a single store to 17 retail locations in the state by July 2019. The company is the second-largest MJ chain in Colorado, which was also the first state to legalize recreational use of marijuana. The Green Solution expects to open four more Colorado locations over the next several months.

The sale of two Colorado marijuana dispensaries is an indicator of the state’s booming cannabis industry. The Green Solution, founded in Colorado less than a decade ago, was recently purchased by Columbia Care for $140 million. In addition to operating 21 dispensaries in Colorado, the company has one of the country’s largest manufacturing facilities and a network of indoor and outdoor growing facilities. The company has plans to produce nearly 48 tons of marijuana this year.

The Green Solution is one of the first cannabis companies in Colorado, and is now the largest vertically integrated cannabis operator in Colorado. As a family-owned business, The Green Solution has built its reputation on customer service, innovation, product excellence, and regulatory compliance. The company’s proprietary technology and innovative product development have enabled the company to stay ahead of the industry. This is one of the reasons why the company is one of the top cannabis companies in the state.

Columbia Care has entered into a definitive agreement to buy The Green Solution. Columbia Care will acquire The Green Solution for $140 million, excluding performance-based milestone payments. This acquisition of a Colorado cannabis company will further cement Columbia Care’s position as the dominant vertically integrated cannabis company in the state’s $1.6 billion market, and it will leverage the TGS management team to succeed in the adult-use market.

It has 300 employees

The Green Solution employs 300 people, making it one of the largest companies of its kind in Colorado. The company is primarily comprised of white males, with about 32% of its employees being female. However, it is not entirely uncommon to find people of other races working at the company. The majority of the company’s employees are white, though Black or African American individuals make up a significant proportion of the company’s workforce. Employees at The Green Solution earn an average annual salary of $57,181.

It offers a premium subscription service for cannabis traders and investors

Green Street Academy is a training platform for investors and traders that teaches the basics of the cannabis industry. The program uses interactive training, animated videos, and exclusive course content. Green Street Academy was founded by Charles E. Hutton and Khadijah Adams. Their 20+ years of experience in the cannabis industry is leveraged through the Green Street Academy. For more information, visit

It has plans to expand across Colorado

The Green Solution is an established Colorado cannabis dispensary with plans to expand nationwide. The company currently has sixteen dispensaries and plans to expand even further. They also have plans to open a location in Aspen. The company’s infrastructure is set up to support operations of dispensaries on a global scale. The company’s website states that it plans to expand into more states by the end of 2018.

Though most of its locations are located in metro Denver, The Green Solution is quickly expanding outside the Mile High area. Recently, they have opened stores in Trinidad and Pueblo. The company also recently opened a dispensary outlet in Silver Plume. The company has also opened a dispensary in Sheridan in November. While The Green Solution started as a medical marijuana dispensary, it has become a recreational cannabis powerhouse. In addition to Colorado, they have also opened three dispensaries in Florida, where recreational marijuana is legal.

The Green Solution has been able to scale up quickly by combining traditional business practices with innovative marijuana businesses. With strong branding, customer loyalty programs, and innovative product management, TGS has become one of the largest vertically integrated cannabis operators in Colorado. Their dispensaries have sleek, contemporary layouts and use iPads to promote their products. The company currently has 17 locations across Colorado and two in Illinois. With plans to expand across Colorado, this company has the potential to create more than a thousand new jobs.

Earlier this year, Columbia Care announced its plans to acquire The Green Solution. The acquisition will make Columbia Care the second-largest cannabis operator in the state. The company has also published a weekly newsletter, which includes unique insight into the cannabis industry. As a result, investors should follow Columbia Care’s progress and look forward to seeing its expansion plans. This news is great news for both sides. But it could be a sign of bad news for the cannabis industry.

It has a dispensary in Ram Country

A recreational marijuana dispensary opened in the Ram Country area in July of 2017. It is located near the Cache la Poudre River, Chipper’s College Lanes, the Lyric Cinema, and the Cache la Poudre River. The Green Solution dispensary features a variety of strains and marijuana accessories. The store is wheelchair accessible, and offers an ATM in the lobby. The company plans to expand into other areas of Colorado, including Denver and Cheyenne.

The dispensary is a Colorado-licensed dispensary. To purchase cannabis products, you must be at least 21 years old and have a valid medical marijuana card. If you’re under 21 years old, you can purchase products at The Green Solution. The dispensary accepts cash, debit cards*, and checks. To get a 10% discount, use code RamCity in your payment.

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