California Fish Grill Expands Its Menu

If you’re craving a fishy treat, you might want to visit the California Fish Grill. The restaurant offers over 30,000 varieties of fish and seafood. The knowledgeable staff can guide you through the process to find the best tasting options. The menu has doubled in size and is now complemented by a variety of vegetable sides. All the fish and seafood is sustainably sourced and grilled. You’ll be glad you did.

Menu has doubled in size

With so many locations across California, the menu at California Fish Grill has doubled in size. But what’s the deal with the menu expansion? There’s a good reason why; the company’s focus on raising money for the disadvantaged has pushed the restaurant to keep its good cause. And it’s all available online. It’s easy to order online and pick up your meal at a store, curbside delivery, or right to your doorstep. Simply type in your location and the restaurant will get in touch with the branch closest to your location and deliver your order.

The California Fish Grill menu has expanded to include grilled specialties, family meals, and classics. You’ll find the menu includes many grilled favorites, as well as starters, sides, salads, and more. And the restaurant even has a kid’s menu, which features a variety of delicious choices for the whole family. Whether you’re a big fish lover or a fish beginner, you’ll find something delicious to satisfy your appetite.

Menu has expanded to include a variety of vegetable sides

The California Fish Grill has expanded its menu to include grilled specialties and family meals. The restaurant offers a variety of salads, sides, and starters and also has a kid’s menu that features grilled specialties and kid’s meals. Kids will love the grilled shrimp and calamari tacos, which are both a kid favorite. There are also some classics on the menu.

The California Fish Grill is also expanding into the South Bay with the opening of a second location on Brokaw Road. The chain also plans to open a third location in North San Jose this summer, in the former Panera Bread space. In addition to fish, the California Fish Grill menu now offers vegetable sides such as steamed broccoli and cabbage. California Fish Grill has 24 locations in California, with more locations planned.

Menu is sustainably sourced

The California Fish Grill offers more than 50 entrees, with sustainably sourced seafood being a focus. The menu includes calamari, shrimp, ahi poke, fish and chips, and taco combination plates. The restaurant has recently opened a new location in Spring Valley, near Rainbow Boulevard. Hours are 11 a.m. to 9 p.m., with late-night closing on Thursdays. You can dine indoors or outdoors at California Fish Grill.

The California Fish Grill offers sustainable seafood and pledges to use only the freshest ingredients possible. The seafood is sustainably sourced from farms and fisheries whose practices are also responsible for the environment. The restaurant sources its seafood from reputable sources, and its certified sustainable fisheries ensure that it will not endanger the environment or the local ecosystem. In addition to serving sustainable seafood, the California Fish Grill also offers four plant-based options.

The restaurant has been around since 1998, and focuses on preparing healthy seafood options. It sources wild-caught and farm-raised fish and poultry from sustainable fishing companies. Customers can even check the seafood’s sustainability with the Seafood Watch program. This way, they know for sure that their meal is environmentally friendly. The restaurant also offers many vegetarian and vegan options, and it’s easy to find a dish that is right for you.

A recent Restaurant365 report analyzed historical sales and food costs to make recommendations for the next menu item. This report helps operators evaluate the success of new menu items, and it also enables them to track actual versus theoretical costs. This helps operators improve their menus by identifying potential errors and determining what to change. They can also determine what ingredients are worth spending more money on. If a menu isn’t performing as they hoped, they can easily change them.

With a mission to provide affordable, sustainably sourced seafood, California Fish Grill has successfully expanded to Phoenix. After opening a Mesa location late last year, the brand plans to expand into Nevada and Arizona. With its value-minded concept, California Fish Grill has become one of the most popular new restaurants in the valley. With its sustainable seafood, sustainability and local ingredients, the menu features everything from fish and chips to taco combo plates.

Menu is grilled

The California Fish Grill is a fast-casual upscale hybrid. Customers line up at a register, receive an order number, and wait for their food to be delivered. Food is served on standard dining plates and utensils. While it might sound odd, many customers love this experience. The restaurant is also environmentally friendly. All of the food is locally sourced and served as fresh as possible. The fish used in California Fish Grill dishes is sustainably caught.

The California Fish Grill chain started in 1998 by Victor Topete. It is still going strong, making great tasting seafood favorites. The simplicity of flavors has made it a popular choice for young and old alike. The seafood is locally sourced and grilled to perfection. The fish and seafood served here is certified sustainable, and the restaurant is also committed to contributing to local, environmental, and human health programs. You can see why this chain has been successful in its mission.

The menu at is a unique blend of healthy seafood and a Californian experience. Customers can watch their food be prepared on an open flame grill. The staff also offers local wines to compliment their menu. The calamari that is served hot from the fryer is another highlight. Whether you prefer grilled salmon or crispy calamari, you’ll find it delicious and nutritious at California Fish Grill.

If you prefer, you can place your order online and choose to pick it up at the restaurant or have it delivered curbside to your door. If you don’t feel like going out to eat, you can also place your order through Uber Eats. The California Fish Grill has many convenient options for catering. Regardless of the number of people attending your event, the restaurant will provide everything needed to serve your guests. They can also offer chafing dishes, plates, napkins, sternos, and utensils. Choose from a variety of combinations that feature their popular dishes.

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