Looking For a Job at Victory Packaging?

The first phase of the project involves the development of the packaging facility. Seefried Industrial Properties developed the facility. It was completed by Campanelli Construction in Fall 2015. The facility was built using a multi-phase tilt-panel construction technique is in which pre-cast sandwich panels were constructed in pre-cast molds and hoisted into place with a 303-ton crawler crane. Victory Packaging’s packaging facility was completed within six months.


If you are looking for a job at Victory Packaging, you are not alone. The company has more than 100 employees working in various departments. These people are responsible for a variety of tasks, including assembling materials for customer orders and receiving new products. They also keep the warehouse safe and clean by moving outgoing product to the loading dock and incoming products to the appropriate location within the warehouse. They also document any returns or refunds and record the amount of materials shipped and received. They may also handle employee issues or answer questions.

According to Glassdoor, employees at Victory Packaging are likely to be Democratic Party members. In fact, Benjamin Samuels, the company’s chief executive, has donated $30,463 to the Democratic Party since 2010. Other companies similar to Victory Packaging pay their employees at least as much as Victory Packaging, with average annual salaries ranging from $39530 to $41,798. You can find out what you’d be earning at each of these companies by reviewing salary data on CareerBliss.

While the company is located in Fort Wayne, Indiana, the company serves customers all over North America and Canada. Some of its competitors include Franklin Sports, Land ‘N’ Sea Distributing, TransPak, and LuckyVitamin. Employees at Victory Packaging are responsible for a wide variety of tasks, including product packaging and shipping supplies. The company serves customers in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. However, you should be aware of potential hazards before hiring an employee.


For all your human resources queries, Victory Packaging offers the best phone system. Callers can reach the right department at lightning-fast speed. The company’s phone number features a courtesy operator who guides you to the correct department. In case of emergencies, you can also reach the company’s CEO and management. Here are the details of the human resources department of Victory Packaging. They can be reached during normal working hours or on official holidays.

For any inquiries about Victory Packaging, you can call the company at the phone number provided above. They also offer email and live chat services for your convenience. To get in touch with their customer service representatives, you can also visit their physical address at 3555 Timmons Lane, Houston, TX 77027. If you’d like to reach out to their sales team or customer service team directly, use the contact details provided above.

Victory Packaging employs between 1001 and 5000 people. Their headquarters are in California, where the company has offices. For further inquiries, you can check the company’s website. The company is also affiliated with Envoy Mortgage, a United States mortgage bank. If you are looking for a green screen rental service, you can also contact Bravo Media, Inc. These companies specialize in post-production services. Besides the packaging industry, Victory Packaging also has a variety of other businesses and organizations.


Industrial Property Trust has acquired the industrial buildings of Victory Packaging. The sale is a multi-building portfolio with a combined total of over one million square feet. The buildings are located in Houston, San Antonio, Fort Worth, Louisville, Ky., and Oklahoma City. Victory Packaging is a division of Seefried Industrial Properties, a major North American packaging distribution company. The company is seeking an energetic sales representative with strong customer service skills. The sales representative must be able to identify gaps in customer needs, identify value-added solutions, and document success.

The project is being managed by Campanelli Construction, a general contractor for Victory Packaging. The company is a North American packaging solutions provider, with 65 distribution facilities and warehouses in the U.S. and Canada. In California, the company operates as Golden State Container. The company acquired Victory Packaging in 2015, and continues to operate as a division of KapStone Paper and Packaging. Victory is the only national distribution company that specializes in solving packaging complexity, finding total cost optimization for clients.


If you’re looking for a job at Victory Packaging, you may want to know about the various locations the company employs. You can find their headquarters in Phoenix, AZ, or you can visit their Aurora, CO, location to learn more about the company’s different job openings. The following sections detail each location’s employment and compensation information. Read on to learn more. Here are some of the top Victory Packaging locations:

As one of the largest packaging distributors in the world, Victory Packaging serves clients from around the world. The company’s comprehensive services include distribution, warehousing, inventory management, supply chain management, product development, and more. Victory Packaging’s products include rigid containers, shrink film, stretch film, tarps, and other shipping supplies. As one of the largest packaging distributors in the United States and Canada, Victory Packaging offers a full range of packaging solutions.

The salaries at Victory Packaging vary based on region. The highest-paying location is Phoenix, AZ, where employees earn an average salary of $37,928, while the lowest is Aurora, CO, where employees earn an average of $24-$44 an hour. The company is an Equal Opportunity Employer, and all employees are considered valuable. There’s no need to look elsewhere for your next career. Victory Packaging has many opportunities for you at its locations.

Political affiliations

The Politics of Victory Packaging employees are a mixed bag. Those who work at Victory Packaging come from a diverse range of backgrounds – 30.6% of employees are female, 40% are members of ethnic minorities, and 80.0% are Democratic Party members. However, they seem to like working at this Democratic Party-dominated company. In addition, employees stay with Victory Packaging on average for 4.1 years, which suggests they like the work environment.

The company is an Architect of Packaging Solutions. Its employees are highly skilled in creating unique solutions for each client’s needs. The company has ISO 9001:2015 certification for its factories and all locations. They are also BRC and EICC certified. Their average yearly salaries are $47,498 and $38,396 respectively. However, their employees are highly likely to be Democratic Party members, making this a particularly politically-motivated company.

Employee data

Assuming the company has about 500 employees, the average salary for a warehouse worker at Victory Packaging is $46,447 per year. Victory’s warehouse operators assemble materials for customer orders and receive new products. They are responsible for maintaining safety standards in the warehouse and transferring materials to the proper locations. Warehouse operators document customer returns, record material quantities shipped and received and mark materials with Victory inventory codes. For more information about Victory’s employee data, read the following article.

As a manufacturer of packaging materials, Victory Packaging employees are unusually diverse, with 30% of females, 40.3% ethnic minorities, and 80.0% of them being Democrats. As a result, it’s no surprise that Victory employees are likely to favor the Democratic Party. Despite the skepticism that can arise from a company that has been in business for more than a century, its employees have consistently enjoyed working in a Democratic Party-dominated environment. On average, employees stay at the company for 4.1 years, earning $39530 per year.

Victory Packaging is a full-service packaging solutions company headquartered in California. It provides packaging supplies to businesses across North America. With 80 distribution centers, 350 vehicles, and a warehouse in Chicago, the company is capable of delivering to the major US markets as well as portions of Canada and Mexico. Victory also maintains a Director of Safety and Risk Management, James Martinez, who oversees the company’s compliance with OSHA regulations. This data includes information on approximately 1800 employees who are OSHA-regulated at Victory. Additionally, the company employs 250 drivers, ensuring that their work environment is safe and healthy.

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