Pornhub Has Changed Its Name to Cornhub

Corn Hub: If you’ve been a Pornhub user for a while now, you’ll have noticed that their homepage has been changed to “Cornhub.” That’s right – you’ve been switched over to the Cornhub website! And if you’re wondering why the website has changed its name to “Cornhub,” well, read on. You might just find the place to your liking, if you’re feeling generous or corny.

Pornhub changed its homepage to Cornhub

If you’re looking for porn videos on the internet, you might have noticed that Pornhub has changed its homepage to Cornhub. The reason behind this is the site’s April Fools’ Day prank. The new website features videos of young corn in compromising positions. While this is an unlikely cause for concern, it is worth checking out to see what it’s all about. In the meantime, you can find videos of shucking corn here.

This move is a prank for April Fools’ Day, when users are more likely to be irritated by an Easter egg. After all, Pornhub is notorious for its content. However, it’s also a clever way to capitalize on Prince’s legacy. A number of people have noticed the new website’s logo, which features a symbol Prince used to identify himself when he was trying to wrangle out of his Warner Bros contract.

It’s a good place to go if you’re feeling corny

There’s nothing like cracking a corny joke to make someone laugh. Some are better than others, and some are downright hilarious. Here are a few good corny jokes. Read on to find your next great pick-up line! And remember: corny jokes aren’t just for children! They can also be good icebreakers.

A corny joke is a sentimental, often out-of-date, or both. The word corny can be overly sentimental, especially if it’s centered around a sentimental subject. The word corny originally meant “full of corn” or “tasting like malt,” but it has since evolved to mean something that appeals to country folk.

It’s a good place to go if you’re feeling generous

The Corn Hub is a perfectionist humanitarian with universal appeal. He can tell a person’s heartwarming intentions within minutes of meeting them, and gets angry if others don’t reciprocate. Corn Hubs are associated with elegance, nobleness, and performing arts, and are generally very confident. They enjoy working on a grand scale and enjoy being the center of attention.

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