Pipe Cleaners – How They Can Help You Enjoy Your Cigar in Style

Pipe Cleaners: If you’re a fan of pipe smoking, then you’ve probably heard of the nifty little device known as a pipe cleaner. Originally designed to remove moisture and residue from smoking pipes, these brushes are handy for cleaning small bores or difficult to reach areas. Read on to find out how these handy tools can help you enjoy the pleasure of a cigarette in style. You might even want to invest in a couple of these handy items for your next smoking session.

Mac Baren

If you want to buy the finest pipe tobacco, look no further than the Mac Baren HH Bold Kentucky. This blend is available in a flake form, which requires rubbing before smoking. This allows you to adjust the burn to suit your taste. There are two types of flakes – slow and fast. You can also use them to clean your pipes. If you want to buy a set of Mac Baren pipe cleaners, you will find them in our shop.

White Elephant

Whether you smoke a filtered cigar or a plain pipe, you’ve probably tried White Elephant pipe cleaners. Made of high-quality cotton and attached to a superflex wire, these tapered prevent excessive carbon buildup in pipes. These premium pipe cleaners come in a pack of 100, and feature natural cotton to avoid pilling. While you’re cleaning your pipes, these cleaners are also a good way to protect your pipe from the effects of tar and carbon.

Made in Germany, White Elephant are made by Kopp Smoking Systems, the same company that owns Rattray’s and Barling. They’re sturdy, and represent the very best quality in the industry. They have thick cotton bristles and wire. The wire is dense and the bristles are super clean. This makes them the best on the market. You’ll notice a noticeable difference when using White Elephant pipe cleaners.


If you want to maintain your pipes with the best quality tools, Brigham are the answer. These cleaning tools are great for daily maintenance and come in a variety of styles, including churchwarden, regular, bristle, and fluffy. The best part of using Brigham pipe cleaners is that they are incredibly affordable. They are 6.5 inches long and can be purchased in packages of 75. The firmer wire makes for a more vigorous scrubbing action.

Brigham pipe cleaners are made from unbleached cotton with a higher thread count and stiffer wire to prevent pilling. These pipe cleaners are great for removing cake buildup from briars’ bowls. If you’re looking for a pipe cleaner that won’t pill, Brigham makes the Churchwarden. Dunhill’s tapered pipe cleaners are made from a high-quality cotton chenille and come in packages of 100.


For making sculptural elements, Darice pipe cleaners are an essential part of your craft kit. They have a variety of uses, including soft medium-to-large sculptures. They are available in four different colorways and are five times the diameter of standard pipe cleaners. To create your own spider, cut the in half, thread them through two holes, and attach them to your foam circle. You can also make a spider body out of smaller foam circles, then attach a button, pom-pom, and other elements to complete your creation.

Another great feature of Darice is their variety. The stems are dense, soft, and bendable, making them the perfect choice for creating sculptural elements. These flexible and durable are also suitable for adults and children alike, as they are soft, bendable, and pliable. They can also be recycled, so you don’t have to worry about losing the fuzz after several uses. If you don’t want to invest in high-end pipe cleaners, try an inexpensive version from Amazon.com.

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