Coastal Farm and Ranch – A Zippia Company Profile

Coastal Farm and Ranch is one of the leading names in outdoor sports, with 19 stores throughout the Pacific Northwest. The company has a stellar employee culture, too, and has a very positive Zippia company profile. What makes Coastal different from other outdoor retailers? What makes working for them so good? Read on to learn more about their work environment and culture. Coastal farm and ranch employees are proud to represent the company, and their work ethic shows in every detail.

Coastal Farm & Ranch is a top-named brand for your outdoor lifestyle

For the last 50 years, Coastal Farm & Ranch has provided customers with quality products and excellent service. This family-owned and operated business has 20 locations in the Pacific Northwest and is a Major Sponsor of the Central Oregon Agricultural Show. The company is committed to supporting local charities and humane societies. Each location changes its atmosphere and merchandise to reflect the season. Coastal is an iconic brand for outdoor enthusiasts, who rely on its products and expertise to make their outdoor lifestyles a successful one.

Located in Washington and Oregon, Coastal is well positioned to serve a growing customer base of outdoor enthusiasts, farmers, and lifestyle shoppers. The company’s management team has contributed to its steady growth trajectory, becoming the largest independent retailer in the Pacific Northwest. The company is committed to local brand presence and consistently delivers strong financial results. In addition, Coastal’s growth strategy is focused on expanding its business in the Northwest.

It has 19 store locations across the Pacific Northwest

The family-owned and operated Coastal Farm and Ranch has 19 stores in the Pacific Northwest. Founded in 1990, this retailer has consistently grown revenue with a strong foothold in rural markets near urban areas. Founded by Buzz Wheeler, the company is now owned by Nolan Capital. Wheeler will retain an ownership stake and continue to advise the company’s growth. Currently, the store has about 1,100 associates.

Coastal Farm & Ranch started small with just a handful of store locations in the Willamette Valley. They challenged AHM to develop a branding strategy that would drive sustainable growth. AHM delivered a comprehensive strategy that combined deep education research and results-focused marketing to help Coastal build its brand and achieve smart, sustainable growth. Its strategy continues to resonate with customers, resulting in strong financial results.

Coastal Farm & Ranch is a family-owned business with 19 store locations in the Pacific Northwest. Employees make an average of $29,367 per year. Employees are mostly white, with Hispanic or Latino and Asian making up the second and third most common ethnicities. The average Coastal Farm & Ranch employee makes $29,367 a year. Some of the company’s biggest competitors are Big R Stores, Gibraltar Trade Center, Seven Mile Market, and Park Avenue Thrift.

It has a great employee culture

Coastal Farm & Ranch is a family owned company with 19 stores in the Pacific Northwest. Its employees range in age from 18 to 65 and come from all walks of life. The company has been around since 1963 and is known for hiring 19.4% of Oregon State University graduates. Zippia ranks Coastal Farm & Ranch number one for employee diversity. Zippia also measures gender identity, language skills, and ethnic backgrounds.

The company has an extensive training program for employees, which includes a training-the-trainer program in which two trainers are assigned to every store. Additionally, the company has a history of giving back to its local community. For example, in the wake of the devastating 2018 fire in Paradise, California, the company quietly donated $500,000 to the victims of the blaze, as well as many other local organizations.

Coastal Farm & Ranch is a family owned business based in Washington and Oregon. The company has been around for over fifty years, and its customers trust it to deliver the highest quality products and service. The company also prides itself on serving its community and acting with integrity. As a result, the company has grown to 20 locations across the Northwest and now has more than 1,100 associates.

It has a great company profile on Zippia

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It has a great phone system

Coastal Farm and Ranch is an agribusiness that takes pride in serving the communities where it operates. From sponsoring FFA and 4H events to offering e-commerce services, they wanted to give their customers more ways to connect. With so many locations, bandwidth was becoming an issue, and keeping employees connected was nearly impossible. But Coastal Farm and Ranch has a great phone system! Read on to learn more about what makes them stand out from the competition.

Coastal Farm and Ranch is a family-owned business with 20 locations in Oregon, including several rural locations. To support their growth, Allstream helped them upgrade their existing Internet services to large bandwidth fiber connections and helped install new fiber connections in remote locations. This helped their employees communicate more easily, collaborate better, and expand into e-commerce options. And because the system is reliable and affordable, it meets their business needs and exceeds the needs of employees and customers.

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