Stronger Lyrics – How Kanye West Wrote “Stronger”

Kanye West’s “Stronger” is one of the most popular songs of the year. The song has been featured on many television shows, movies, and commercials. Here, we’ll look at the benefits of writing stronger lyrics and discuss West’s creative process. Read on to find out how West wrote “Stronger”.

Better lyrics

While writing better lyrics, a singer must use alternative words to create a richer picture for the listener. A large vocabulary will give a writer more choices in words, but they should not become too complicated. For example, the word “jubilant” is an excellent synonym for “happy,” but most people don’t know what that word means. However, a popular Christmas song will often use it to describe its uplifting mood.

Learning to write better lyrics requires practice. There is no secret formula for better lyrics, but there are several tips to get you started. Studying the lyrics of other writers and musicians will provide ideas and help you write better lyrics. Don’t be afraid to get constructive criticism, and remember that writing better lyrics isn’t about a perfect score. Instead, it’s about getting creative. You may be able to tweak weak lines, make sense of lyrics, and improve your overall writing skills by copying other artists.

Benefits of stronger lyrics

Listening to music requires the use of the whole brain, and this includes the corpus callosum and other connections associated with connective processing. Listening to music also improves language skills, as lyrics are akin to poetry, which requires the listener to focus on its meaning. By trying to decipher what a song is saying, the listener expands their vocabulary and brain regions associated with language. The results are stronger lyrics and faster connective processing speed.

West’s process for writing “Stronger”

When it came to the song “Stronger,” West had a very specific process in mind. The process started with the initial idea, and included several revisions. The lyric itself was written over seventy-five times before he finally settled on the final version. This process was so detailed that the song required at least 75 revisions, and he enlisted the help of eight audio engineers and eleven mix engineers to complete the production. After hearing the final version, West flew out to Los Angeles to work with Timbaland, who redone the drum programming. In addition to this, West felt that the song paled in comparison to the sample he had included. But Daft Punk seemed happy with the end result. The song’s music video features sci-fi imagery, including imagery from the 1988 anime film Akira.

In addition to sampling a range of musical genres, the rapper has also been known to sample a few different genres. One of his favorite examples of this is Daft Punk, and he uses samples from their album Harder Better Faster in the song “Stronger.”

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